Alpha King vs Test x180 review

Alpha King vs Test x180: Which is Better?

Alpha King vs Test x180 Summary

We’re not that used to putting two products that came from the same company head-to-head. In today’s review, we’ll look at both these products and see which one is superior and which is the best bang for your buck.

About The Products & Their Manufacturers

Both products are made by the same company-Force Factor. For this reason, we’re surprised they would make the better option cheaper and contain more ingredients. To see what we’re talking about stick around and read the following paragraphs.

Alpha King vs Test x180: Ingredients

Let’s get right into the most important part of any supplement, and that is its ingredients. Usually, when comparing two supplements that are aiming to help with the same problems there are some shared ingredients. Here this is not the case so we’ll cover both products’ ingredients one product at a time. First, we’ll look at Alpha King and what it offers.

Alpha King’s Ingredients


Fenugreek is a famous inclusion in natural testosterone boosters and libido enhancers. The reason behind this is that Fenugreek can increase testosterone, improve libido, enhance pleasure during sex, reduce fat intake, and lower cholesterol. All of the mentioned benefits are great for a product like this.

Tribulus Terrestris

This ingredient is another plant that is used for boosting testosterone, increasing libido, and boosting the immune system. As far as testosterone gains go, studies have shown that this simply isn’t true. Even though Tribulus Terrestris can alter hormone levels it doesn’t seem to affect testosterone. On the other hand, studies have found that it can in fact boost your sex drive. It may also help treat erectile dysfunction, but the studies have mixed results.

Black Maca Root

Maca has been used in Peru for millennia. Today it is most famously been used as a natural way of increasing low sex drive and helping combat infertility. The downside of Maca is that it isn’t well-researched so the evidence for its benefits is scarce. With this being said a lot of Maca users report gaining sex drive as a result of supplementing Maca.


DIM is a plant indole. It can be found in vegetables such as broccoli. It helps you adjust your body’s estrogen levels. Right now you might be wondering why there is an ingredient affecting estrogen in a testosterone-boosting supplement. Simply put,  DIM produces more ‘good’ estrogen metabolites, which compete with testosterone for protein binding, helping to maintain a slightly higher ‘free’ testosterone level.

Now that we’ve covered the ingredients in Alpha King, let’s have a look at Test x180 ingredients.

Test x180 Ingredients


Also known as Vitamin B3, it’s one of the B vitamins we’ll see in this supplement. Although it has many benefits for your body(improvement of blood fat levels, reduction of blood pressure, and boost of brain function), the claims that it helps boost testosterone are stretched at best. For example, this study done on rats did improve serum testosterone levels in non-diabetic rats. So far, studies done on humans didn’t provide these results making us skeptical of any testosterone gains from supplementing it, even more with this low dosage.

Vitamin B6

Just like B3, Vitamin B6 doesn’t boost testosterone levels in humans. Vitamin B6 plays an essential role in hundreds of chemical reactions in your body. Most notably it’s important for maintaining a healthy nervous and immune system.

Vitamin B12

This Vitamin B can help you boost your metabolism, increase your energy, and therefore help you lose some unwanted weight.

Vitamin D

Even though Vitamin D won’t boost your testosterone levels if you have normal levels of Vitamin D, people with Vitamin D deficiency will gain a boost in testosterone as low Vitamin D levels have been linked to lower testosterone levels.


Magnesium can give you a rise in both free and total testosterone levels. In a study done about Magnesium supplementation and testosterone levels, researchers found that participants gained testosterone, especially if they were physically active. Not only can it boost testosterone, but it can also give you a boost in exercise performance as well as greater muscle mass.


Zinc can help you with arousal, maintaining an erection, and Zinc deficiency has been linked to low testosterone levels.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid. It can increase the hormone in the brain that later affects you in more testosterone production. D-aspartic acid also increases the production and release of testosterone in the testicles.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Not only will this ingredient give you a boost for exercising but it can also help lower the chances of erectile dysfunction according to some new studies.

Alpha King vs Test x180: Side Effects

Both supplements contain ingredients that seem safe and shouldn’t be concerning. With this being said it’s always smart to consult with your doctor if you are not sure how safe a product is for you.

Alpha King vs Test x180: Customer Reviews

Both of the products have the same score when it comes to customer reviews, and that is a solid 4/5. Most users are pleased with the results and we didn’t find many negative reviews.

Alpha King vs Test x180: Pricing

When it comes to pricing Alpha King will set you back $39.53 while Test x180 will cost you $24.98. Both of these prices are for 30 servings so this makes Test x180 an almost twice as cheap option.


After reviewing both of these products we prefer Test x180 over Alpha King. When you take into consideration that it would also cost almost half the money it seems like a no-brainer which product to pick out of these two. With this being said we still think there’s room for improvement in the testosterone-boosting department and would rather buy some of the alternatives to both these products.

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