Alpilean vs GOLO

Alpilean vs GOLO: Which is Better?

Alpilean vs GOLO Summary

Alpilean and GOLO are both natural weight loss supplements designed to help promote your metabolism, fat burning, and energy levels among others. In our eyes, GOLO Release is a far better supplement. It contains better ingredients and you can see the doses of some of these ingredients, as opposed to Alpilean which doesn’t show any dosage information on their website. Alpilean is a rather scammy supplement considering its price of $59 (for just 30 servings). This is a similar price as the market-leading fat burners. While GOLO has some major issues of its own, it’s definitely not as bad as Alpilean.

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Alpilean vs GOLO Ingredients

Alpilean’s Ingredients

We won’t sugarcoat it – Alpilean’s ingredient profile looks disastrous.

Apart from ginger, fucoxanthin, and turmeric, there is nothing in Alpilean that is well-studied for fat loss. The whole spiel about rising your body temperature is silly enough, but they take it one step further by not even showing you the doses of ingredients.

Alpilean Ingredients

The ingredients themselves may have a slight effect on weight loss, primarily fucoxanthin (seaweed compound), ginger, and turmeric. Provided their doses are correct.

It’s a gamble with Alpilean as you can’t tell how much of the ingredients you’re getting.

GOLO’s Ingredients

GOLO looks much better. It contains zinc, chromium, Rhodiola Rosea, and Berberine as its main fat-loss ingredients. Together, these help to support your hormones for healthy weight loss, along with stabilizing blood sugar cravings, which helps reduce mood swings, stabilizes your energy, and helps you fight sugar & salt cravings.

There is a similar problem with GOLO as we’ve seen with Alpilean, and that is that the ingredients are in a proprietary blend, so you can’t see their exact dosages.

We can’t see if the key fat loss ingredients in GOLO are properly dosed. As a result, it’s impossible to tell if GOLO will give you the results it promises on its website.

Which Formula Looks Better Overall?

While GOLO has its own issues, it’s a superior formula to that of Alpilean, the latter of which is very close to being a scam supplement.

GOLO contains quite a few decent ingredients that should support your weight loss efforts. Alpilean, on the other hand, lacks many important ingredients for fat burning, along with not showing the doses of its existing ingredients.

Alpilean vs GOLO Side Effects: Which is Safer?

We believe both Alpilean and GOLO should be safe for most people to consume. You shouldn’t experience any side effects from either supplement. They use commonly known ingredients and it’s unlikely they are dosed so high that they would produce any side effects. THat said, if you have a history of health conditions, it’s best to avoid taking any supplements before talking to your doctor.

Pricing & Value

Alpilean costs $59 per bottle on its official website. You get 30 servings per bottle.

GOLO Release costs pretty much the same ($59.95) but you get 3-times the amount of servings – 90.


GOLO Release is a supplement with many “holes”, but it still manages to beat Alpilean comfortably in this face-off. With GOLO Release, you get a few decent weight loss ingredients, for some of which you can see the doses on the label. Sadly, you can’t see the doses of all ingredients in GOLO, which means some of them could be dosed too low, making them ineffective for weight loss.

Alpilean is one huge proprietary blend and you can’t see any dosage information on their website. The ingredients themselves are lackluster and lack more quality human research to confirm they can do anything significant for weight loss. And, let’s not even talk about the outrageous and scammy marketing of Alpilean’s “body temperature” thing.

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