Animal Cuts vs Lipo 6 Black: Which is Better?

Animal Cuts vs Lipo 6 Black: Which is Better?

Here we have Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black up for comparison. When choosing a fat burner, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to get the best bang for your buck:

  • First and foremost, ingredient quality needs to be top-notch. Proprietary blends and unnecessary fillers are a red flag to look out for.
  • Secondly, the ingredients themselves need to be shown in studies to be effective and safe. Many fat burners only have one or the other. Some don’t have either!

Today, we will be seeing which is better between Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black and how they compare to the market-leading fat burner supplements in terms of increasing your energy, stimulating fat breakdown, and suppressing appetite amongst others.

Animal Cuts vs Lipo 6 Black Summary

While neither Animal Cuts nor Lipo-6 Black makes it onto the year’s top list, Lipo-6 Black is the winner of the two. It is less expensive and offers a simpler and more transparent ingredient label, making it potentially healthier for daily use for weight loss.

Meanwhile, Animal Cuts hides dosage info in proprietary blends. Its formula tries to do it all, instead of focusing on one area. Removing its ineffective ingredients, and replacing them with proven compounds like Glucomannan, vitamin D, and chromium would make it more effective.

While Lipo-6 Black is the winner here, it has some problems of its own. Lipo-6 Black also uses some ineffective ingredients, relying mostly on stimulants to give off an illusion that it works better than it really does. While this route can work, it is not recommended for sensitive individuals.

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Animal Cuts vs Lipo 6 Black Overview

Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts by Universal Nutrition is an all-in-one fat cutting stack and self-proclaimed “best thermogenic” on the market today.

Featuring convenient grab-and-go 42 packs per container, Animal Cuts is said to help you with:

  • Thermogenesis
  • Metabolic efficiency
  • Diuresis and water excretion
  • Thyroid support
  • Focus and motivation
  • Energy boosting

Essentially, the main selling point of Animal Cuts is that it is a jack-of-all-trades type of fat burner. It not only helps you cut pounds efficiently, but it also aims to help your body stay healthy and mind sharp – so you can stay on track with your goals long-term.

The dosage of Animal Cuts is 1 packet to start with. Once you assess your tolerance, you can safely take up to 2 packets per day.

Moving onto the big question now: can Animal Cuts really do what it claims to do?

We find out in a second, but first, let’s check its competitor.

Lipo 6 Black

LIPO-6 BLACK by Nutrex Research is a dietary supplement that claims to target your fat loss via multiple pathways. It’s formulated for active individuals who are looking for a powerful aid on their weight loss journey.

Sounds good, but how exactly does Lipo 6 Black plan to achieve this?

The manufacturer says Lipo-6 Black works by inducing a thermogenic effect – raising your body’s basal metabolic rate. Triggering thermogenesis is one of the main ways fat burners make your body burn more calories. Thermogenesis can also be achieved with cold exposure, HIIT exercise, and other natural methods. However, instead of having to jump into an icy cold plunge, Lipo-6-Black promises to offer the same benefit in a single capsule.

  • Another positive thing about Lipo-6 Black is that it reportedly boosts mental alertness, concentration and keeps your energy levels high.

These are interesting angles Nutrex Research is taking. When a fat burner not only helps you burn more calories directly, but also offsets possible diet fatigue so you can stay mentally sharp throughout the day, it is a huge win.

The best part about Lipo-6 Black is how easy it is to use. Simply take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. The manufacturer warns not to exceed 3 capsules per serving “due to the potency of Lipo-6 Black”.

But is it really that effective? Or are these just empty marketing promises? Let’s find out by checking the ingredients and comparing them against Animal Cuts.

Animal Cuts vs Lipo 6 Black Ingredients

Animal Cuts’ Ingredients

Here’s a look at the label of Animal Cuts:

Animal Cuts Ingredients

This is a huge ingredient profile. It is too large to cover everything in this post, so we will be focusing on the key ingredients in Animal Cuts to see if they can help you lose weight and provide other benefits.

Animal Cuts consists of 8 blends, each targeting different aspects of performance and weight loss. We have the Thyroid Complex, Water Shedding Complex, Nootropic (brain-boosting) Complex, Metabolic Complex, and so on.

The interesting thing is, you can only see the total amount of each complex, but not the individual ingredient amount. This is obviously a problem because it prevents us from seeing if the ingredients are dosed safely and effectively.

  • Having so many ingredients means there is a possibility that some of them are underdosed. We would much rather prefer a more streamlined formula with fewer ingredients, but clearly shown dosages on the label, so we know exactly what we’re paying for.

Animal Cuts is not off to the best start!

But we have to give credit where credit is due.

In terms of ingredients themselves, there is a lot to like in Animal Cuts. Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract, Ashwagandha, L-Tyrosine, and Dandelion are all excellent inclusions.

These ingredients should give you increased energy, reduce your cortisol levels, reduce bloating, and boost your metabolism to burn more fat throughout the day – assuming they are dosed optimally.

Despite this, we don’t think Animal Cuts is the most effective formula out there. There are some serious problems with the formula, not just the proprietary blends. Animal Cuts is using some completely unproven and ineffective ingredients. Cha-de-Bugre, Evodiamine, and Buchu leaf are taking up capsule space, which could be used for better ingredients like Glucomannan (appetite suppressant) and chromium (natural blood sugar stabilizer).

Then there is the issue of having way too many diuretics. This doesn’t lead to additional benefits, but only puts more strain on your kindeys.

On the whole, Animal Cuts looks like a jack of all trades, master of none. Instead of focusing on one or two main benefits, it tries to do it all, unsuccessfully. Not knowing the ingredient doses is the biggest issue of all, and the reason why we cannot recommend Animal Cuts over better, more transparent fat burner formulas on the market today.

Lipo 6 Black Ingredients

Here is a look at the ingredient label of Lipo-6 Black:

Lipo 6 Black Ingredients

Unlike Animal Cuts, Lipo-6 Black shows us everything clearly on the label. You can see each ingredient and its respective dose. What’s more, Lipo-6 Black is using a few solid weight loss ingredients. These include Theobromine, Grains of Paradise, and Black Pepper Extract. Together, these ingredients should help to stimulate your body to break down fat faster, along with boosting your energy levels.

That said, Lipo-6 Black is not without its problems. It too has some major downsides that we can’t look past.

  • For one, there is an awful lot of stimulants in the formula. From 220mg of caffeine, to Yohimbine which is banned in the UK and Australia, to Rauwolscine which is an underresearched chemical that seems to be even more aggressive than Yohimbine.

There is also Huperzine-A in Lipo-6 Black. An otherwise great short-term memory enhancer, Huperzine-A needs to be cycled every few weeks to avoid negative side effects – including memory loss and insomnia. But by taking a break from Lipo-6 Black, you cancel out the benefits of weight loss ingredients that need to be taken consistently to produce long-term results. It’s a catch-22 situation!

Overall then, Lipo-6 Black is as big of a letdown as Animal Cuts. Despite being more transparent, it is relying too much on stimulants to give off an illusion that it works. In reality, it is probably only going to lead to jitters and energy crashes once the effects of stimulants wear off.

Which Formula Looks Better Overall?

Neither! We don’t think Animal Cuts nor Lipo 6 Black can compete with other best-reviewed fat burner supplements when it comes to their effectiveness or safety.

Animal Cuts is stuffed with too many ingredients. The formula goes in all directions, but arrives nowhere. The biggest issue of all is that we can’t see the ingredient doses. So even when there are ingredients that work, they could be underdosed and ineffective, while the formula could be stuffed with cheap fillers for profit.

As for Lipo-6 Black, it is relying mostly on hardcore stimulants to achieve its effects. It should potentially help you lose weight, but at the cost of potentially causing harsh side effects. Not to mention it’s missing many of the best appetite suppressants and other thermogenic ingredients.

Animal Cuts vs Lipo 6 Black Side Effects: Which is Safer?

Both Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black contain ingredients that are not known to cause major negative side effects if used in light dosages. However, since both products contain stimulants, there is a degree of risk for people who are sensitive.

Animal Cuts only contains caffeine, whereas Lipo 6 Black contains multiple stimulants – including ones that are banned in some countries. Even though it is not stated on the label, Animal Cuts’ manufacturer claims there is about 220mg of caffeine in the product.

Pricing & Value

Animal Cuts costs $41.95 per container (42 packs).

Lipo-6 Black Cuts costs $34.99 per bottle (60 caps).


This concludes our comparison of Animal Cuts vs Lipo-6 Black. Between the two, which one is better?

We will say that Lipo-6 Black is the better option since it shows you the ingredient doses clearly. The same can’t be said for Animal Cuts – all of its ingredients are masked behind proprietary blends.

However, while it’s the winner of this comparison, Lipo-6 Black is far from a perfect fat burner. Its main downside is the combination of 3 stimulants – caffeine, Rauwolscine, and Yohimbine. Unless you’re used to high doses of these aggressive ingredients, there is a possibility of negative side effects.

Efficient fat burning and appetite suppression can definitely be achieved without relying on so many harsh compounds. In that sense, it’s probably best to search for better options on the market.

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