Animal Cuts vs Shred JYM

Animal Cuts vs Shred JYM: Which is Better?

Here is our Animal Cuts vs JYM Shred comparison. In this face-off, we will be comparing the effectiveness of Shred JYM vs Animal Cuts in terms of fat loss and appetite control, amongst others. To get an idea about what you can expect from these supplements, we will begin this article with a brief summary.

Animal Cuts vs Shred JYM Summary

While neither Animal Cuts nor Shred JYM makes it onto our top list, Shred JYM is the winner between the two. It has a more focused formula with better ingredients for fat loss, it costs less ($29.99 vs $41.95 per bottle), and it is more transparent with its ingredient doses. By contrast, Animal Cuts uses so many ingredients it is difficult to tell what works and what doesn’t. It tries to be a “jack of all trades,” but it ended up being a master of none. The biggest complaint regarding Animal Cuts is the usage of proprietary blends which prevent us from seeing the ingredient doses. Although we pick Shred JYM as the better choice, it still has some issues of its own, mainly the use of hardcore stimulant Synephrine that can cause negative side effects.

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Animal Cuts vs Shred JYM Overview

Animal Cuts and Shred JYM are both natural fat burner supplements. They are designed to help you lose unwanted weight and reduce your food cravings. How do they work exactly?

They work by stimulating your metabolism to work harder in order to burn more calories. This is mainly achieved through the use of stimulants such as caffeine, but also ingredients like green tea extract which contribute to cellular fat burning. However, whether they really work as their marketing says, we will soon find out.

Whereas Animal Cuts comes in packs (each pack containing multiple different capsules), Shred JYM comes in pills.

Animal Cuts contains 41 packs per container, whereas Shred JYM contains 240 vegetarian capsules per bottle.

  • The dosage of Animal Cuts is 1 pack per day, and for Shred JYM it is 6 capsules per day.

Both are popular supplements, and both enjoy some good reviews online. But which one will work better for you?

Read on as we analyze their ingredient profiles in more detail.

Animal Cuts vs Shred JYM Ingredients

Animal Cuts Ingredients

Here are the ingredients in Animal Cuts, as shown on the label:

Animal Cuts Ingredients

We’ll begin by stating the obvious: that’s a lot of ingredients!

  • Animal Cuts is using multiple proprietary blends, each of which has different benefits. For example, we get the “Metabolic Complex” which consists of ingredients like Green Tea and Black Tea Extract. Together, these should help you burn more unwanted fat and enhance calorie burning.

You will also notice the “Stimulant Complex” which helps to boost your energy and reduce appetite.

And Animal Cuts didn’t stop there. There are blends like “Cortisol Inhibiting Complex” which work to reduce your stress levels, which can indirectly improve fat loss.

Then there’s the Thyroid and Water Shedding Complex, both of which further aid weight loss.

It’s clear Animal Cuts is not your everyday fat burner pill. It targets a wider spectrum of benefits, and we do appreciate what they’re trying to accomplish.

But there is one major problem – we don’t know the exact ingredient doses.

Since all the ingredients are inside proprietary blends, you can only see the dose of the blend as a whole, but not the dose of each ingredient in it. This makes it impossible to tell if the ingredients are effectively and safely dosed for long-term consumption.

Another downside is that Animal Cuts has a potential risk of side effects due to combining so many ingredients together. While yes, it theoretically provides you with a wider array of benefits, there is also an increased risk of interactions. Especially with so many diuretics and stimulants that are included.

There is also the issue of ineffective and unproven ingredients. Raspberry Ketones have been hyped a lot in the weight loss community, but the scientific evidence shows us this ingredient doesn’t do anything when taken orally!

Last but not least, Animal Cuts uses a controversial ingredient called “Titanium Dioxide.” It is a filler ingredient, shown to have a risk of causing health issues long-term.

As a whole, then, Animal Cuts underdelivers. While it has some solid ingredients for weight loss (mainly caffeine, green tea extract), it has too many downsides for us to say this is a good formula. If Animal Cuts was at least more transparent with the exact amounts of ingredients it contains, it would be a substantially better supplement.

Let’s see how JYM Shred’s formula compares.

JYM Shred Ingredients

Here is a look at the label of JYM Shred:

Shred JYM Ingredients

Needless to say, JYM Shred looks like a completely different formula to its competitor.

Whereas Animal Cuts has many ingredients in multiple proprietary blends, Shred JYM boasts a more streamlined formula with only 6 ingredients. What’s more, Shred JYM shows you exactly how much of each ingredient you’re getting per serving – having no proprietary blends.

So in terms of transparency, Shred JYM definitely takes the lead. But what about the ingredients themselves?

There are a few good ingredients for weight loss in Shred JYM. We have L-Tyrosine which can boost your mental focus and concentration during the day without affecting fat loss.

  • We also get 500mg of green tea extract and 200mg of caffeine, which we also get in Animal Cuts. However, Shred JYM’s formula is boosted with 2 additional fat burner ingredients: cayenne pepper extract and Bitter Orange Extract (Synephrine).

Cayenne Pepper is an excellent choice. It is a natural thermogenic, meaning it boosts up your basal metabolic rate, so you burn more calories no matter if you’re exercising or sitting on a couch.

However, Bitter Orange Extract (Synephrine) is not a good choice. This is a stimulant known to have similar effects as the banned substance Ephedra. As such, it can lead to high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and anxiety episodes amongst others. What’s worse, when you combine Bitter Orange Extract with other stimulants like caffeine, the risk of side effects is even higher.

Shred JYM also uses some ineffective ingredients like L-Carnitine. Contrary to the hype, Carnitine hasn’t been shown to actually burn fat to a significant extent. All the hype comes from the fact that carnitine helps your cells to burn more fat for fuel, but this effect is not substantial enough for you to notice it in the mirror or on the scale!

Another problem with Shred JYM is that it is mostly relying on stimulants to achieve its effects. Sure, in the short term, this will help you burn more calories, but we don’t advocate this as a long-term solution. There are definitely healthier and safer ingredients that the best fat burners use to achieve the same effects, without putting a strain on your cardiovascular system with so many stimulants.

Which Formula Looks Better Overall?

Our pick is Shred JYM. With this supplement, you at least know what you’re getting. By contrast, Animal Cuts hides its ingredients behind proprietary blends, so there is no way to see if the manufacturer properly dosed the ingredients, or if they skimped out on the dosages of expensive ingredients while stuffing the formula with cheap fillers.

Shred JYM has some major downsides of its own – such as having too high of a stimulant load – but it is at least more transparent, and, in our opinion, a bit more effective for fat burning in the short term.

Having said that, you can easily find fat burner supplements that use better ingredients on the market, so it’s best to do more research before opting for either Animal Cuts or Shred JYM.

What do Others Say?

Dochs Customer Reviews

Both Animal Cuts and Shred JYM have plenty of reviews online. They are generally well-received online, though you will find reviews that complained about either lack of results or having negative side effects to the point of having to stop using the supplement.

Animal Cuts vs Shred JYM Side Effects: Which is Safer?

Animal Cuts and Shred JYM both come with a risk of negative side effects.

In the case of Animal Cuts, there are too many ingredients inside, and we don’t know their doses. There is a possibility that some ingredients are over-served, and may possibly interact with other ingredients in Animal Cuts.

As for Shred JYM, it contains high doses of stimulants, mainly caffeine and Bitter Orange Extract. The latter of which is known to cause some pretty harsh side effects on its own.

Pricing & Value

Animal Cuts costs $41.95 per tub on the Animal Pak website.

Shred JYM is the less expensive of the two, with one bottle costing you $29.99.


Which will help you burn more fat: Shred JYM or Animal Cuts?

The answer is that Shred JYM is likely to help you burn more fat, but only in the short term. It relies too much on stimulants to achieve its effects, making it potentially unhealthy in the long run.

As for Animal Cuts, it is not transparent with its ingredient doses, so we can’t know how it will work for you. Without knowing the amounts of ingredients that are inside, you can only guess if they are safely or effectively dosed.

If you’re looking for a tried and tested fat burner to help you lose weight and control your appetite without any questionable ingredients, there are better options than either one to look for on the market.

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