Burn XT vs Leanmode

Burn XT vs Lean Mode: Which One is Our Winner?

Today we have a look into two popular fat burners. On one side, we have Burn XT by Jacked Factory, and on the other, LeanMode from Evlution Nutrition. Both are 100% natural and both claim to give your body a strong energy and metabolism kick and appetite suppression, among other benefits. But which one comes out on top? We find out below – starting with a brief summary.

Burn XT vs LeanMode Summary

While neither Burn XT nor LeanMode makes it onto our “top fat burning supplements” list, LeanMode is the winner of the two. It contains a higher dosage of green tea, and it also contains a better appetite suppressant than Burn XT – Garcinia Cambogia. LeanMode also uses far less caffeine, compared to Burn XT which has 300mg of the stimulant per serving, risking potential side effects. But as we said, don’t expect wonders from either one. Neither Burn XT nor LeanMode has enough proven ingredients in their formula to cause substantial results. If you’re looking for something to effectively help you cut pounds and suppress appetite to the point of actually noticing it, there are better options on the market.

Burn XT vs LeanMode Overview

Burn XT

Burn XT is a thermogenic fat burner, and one of the most popular weight loss pills on Amazon.

The hype around this fat burner has been going on for a while now, so we were naturally curious, what does it claim to do?

According to its manufacturer, Jacked Factory, Burn XT is packed with evidence-backed ingredients in clinically effective doses. Among these we have Capsaicin, which promotes faster metabolic activity.

Apart from making you burn more calories, Burn XT can also reportedly increase fat breakdown in the body, along with reducing hunger pangs.

All of these claims sound what you’d expect from a good fat burner. But are they legit? Read on as we check its competitor, and then inspect both formulas in more detail.


LeanMode is one of the top-selling fat burners from Evlution Nutrition, a well-respected supplement brand from the USA. LeanMode is said to help suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and ultimately – promote faster fat burning. We’re going to check its benefits and ingredients to see if these claims really hold water.

The official listed benefits for LeanMode are:

  • Fat Burning
  • Metabolic Rate Boost
  • Appetite Support
  • Antioxidant Support
  • Mood Support

These benefits are a bit surprising considering LeanMode is stimulant-free. Without caffeine or other stimulants, most stim-free fat burners tend to have lackluster effects, if any at all. But is LeanMode an exception? What results can you really expect?

Evlution Nutrition says LeanMode works in a similar manner as a stim-packed fat burner, just without the side effects. They say LeanMode will help boost norepinephrine levels in your body. Norepinephrine, or noradrenaline, is a stress hormone that puts you in the “flight or fight” mode where you’re spending more calories. Lean Mode is also said to curb hunger and appetite,

Now, all of this sounds great in theory – but how does LeanMode actually perform in practice? Does it burn fat, or just a whole in the wallet? We are just about to find out…

Burn XT vs LeanMode Ingredients

Burn XT’s Ingredients

Burn XT’s ingredients are:

Burn XT Ingredients

On the whole, Burn XT looks like a decent fat-burning formula. It is better than many other weight loss supplements out there, and is definitely not a scam. We get a good dose of Green Tea Extract and the key EGCG, along with a strong 300mg of caffeine for energy and a metabolic boost.

However, is Burn XT the best fat burner formula we’ve seen. Definitely not! There are some issues about the ingredient formula that make it far behind the leading brands.

One is that it uses too much caffeine. Unless you’re used to high amounts of stimulants, this amount raises the risk of side effects without bringing any additional benefits, compared to a lower caffeine dose.

Then there’s the issue of unproven ingredients. Acetyl L-Carnitine is not yet proven to burn fat – not to an extent where you would notice a difference. This ingredient has caused a lot of hype in the industry, and some minor studies have shown positive results. But most of the research so far indicates ALCAR is far from a good fat-burning supplement. That said, it is still not a useless ingredient – it does have some liver health and energy-boosting benefits, thanks to its effect on our mitochondria.

Last but not least, Burn XT is missing many ingredients from its formula. It has only 5, only 2 of which – caffeine and green tea – have solid evidence as far as weight loss goes. Cayenne Pepper is also a great ingredient, but it’s severely underdosed in Burn XT. Studies have used at least 100mg as the minimum effective dose.

We doubt Burn XT can do much for you in terms of cutting weight. If you’re serious about getting leaner, suppressing appetite, and having a faster metabolism naturally, there are definitely better formulas on the market out there – and safer, less reliant on caffeine, too.

LeanMode Ingredients

Lean Mode also contains 5 ingredients, but the ingredient profile is a little different. The good news is that LeanMode is all natural, which is awesome.

5 ingredients, as we’ve seen with Burn XT, isn’t too bad. But it could be better. There are many well-researched fat-burning compounds on the market today. We doubt Lean Mode has managed to pack them all in such a tiny formula!

Still, we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt by checking the ingredients themselves. What does the science say about the ingredients LeanMode uses? Let’s have a look at the label first:

Leanmode ingredients

LeanMode doesn’t look to be a terrible fat burning formula at all. It contains green tea, green coffee bean, and Garcinia Cambogia. All three ingredients are known to help with weight loss and contribute to satiety. You should definitely get some noticeable effects from using LeanMode. Compared to Burn XT, we’d say it’s better because it can achieve similar or better effects without relying on caffeine. So the risk of side effects is low.

But LeanMode is by no means a perfect fat burner. It too uses some unproven ingredients, such as CLA and ALCAR. CLA is a mixture of fatty acids that are thought to help you burn fat. CLA achieves this by acting on your body’s PPR system. The problem is, this effect on PPR is shown to be so weak it doesn’t make a difference whatsoever! CLA looks like a pointless ingredient to us – it is a waste of capsule space that could be used for more effective compounds.

On the whole, then, LeanMode is by no means a fat burner we’d recommend. But, as we already suggested, we find it to be an overall better formula than Burn XT because it doesn’t contain a high amount of caffeine and the ingredients are more optimally dosed.

Burn XT vs LeanMode Side Effects: Which is Safer?

Burn XT contains 300mg of caffeine and LeanMode has no stimulants, so the latter is naturally the less risky option. If you’re intolerant to stimulants, then we’d definitely go with LeanMode. But if you don’t mind the caffeine, Burn XT could be the better option as it will give you a stronger energy “kick”.

Pricing & Value

Burn XT costs $29.99 per bottle. It will last you a month if you take the recommended 2 capsules per day.

LeanMode is slightly cheaper at $24.99 per bottle, and it’s better value in our eyes as it has 50 servings per bottle.


Which one is best for dropping pounds and looking leaner – Burn XT or LeanMode?

The answer is that neither Burn XT nor LeanMode are good enough to produce significant fat loss results. Both have lack the “firepower” in their formulas to cause any substantial effects. That said, LeanMode is the winner of the two because it achieves similar metabolism-boosting effects without using caffeine as the main ingredient, unlike Burn XT. LeanMode contains higher dosage of green tea and it also has Garcinia Cambogia which is a decent appetite suppressant.

However, if you’re serious about weight loss, and if you are able to afford more effective supplements, we’d definitely recommend checking them before going for either Burn XT or LeanMode.


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