Burn XT vs PhenQ

Burn XT vs PhenQ: Which is Better?

Burn XT vs PhenQ: which of these two natural supplements is better for fat loss? Which one will give you a stronger energy kick, more effective appetite control, and easier time dropping pounds?

In this article, we bring these two heavyweights face to face to see which is better and see how they compare to other fat burner supplements on the market today.

Burn XT vs PhenQ Summary

While neither Burn XT nor PhenQ made it to our “top list” of the very best fat burners currently available, Burn XT is the winner between the two.

Burn XT has better key ingredients (green tea extract and caffeine being the main ones), and it is less likely to cause negative reactions for most people. Burn XT should give you a more potent energy kick due to its high caffeine dose. This could also be a downside, depending on your tolerance.

As we said, Burn XT is also lacking in some key areas. It is missing important ingredients like Glucomannan and B vitamins to help with appetite suppression, along with using some unproven ingredients. As a result, we don’t think it is the best option you can currently get. However, due to its affordable price (29.99USD per bottle), we rate it as a better value overall than PhenQ.

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Burn XT vs PhenQ Overview

Burn XT

Burn XT is a self-proclaimed high-energy thermogenic fat burner. As one of Amazon’s long-standing best-sellers, Burn XT has been among the most popular fat burner pills you will find anywhere. It has millions of customers and thousands of reviews online.

What’s more, the manufacturer of Burn XT – Jacked Factory – claims that it contains clinically-backed ingredients in effective doses. Among these is Capsimax®, a patented form of cayenne pepper extract which is behind Burn XT’s reported fat loss benefits.

Three key benefits of Burn XT include:

  • Increase fat loss
  • Burn more calories
  • Suppress appetite

At first look, everything looks good! Obviously, these are the benefits you’d expect from any high-quality fat burner. But as we know, many fat burners claim the same thing, but very few end up delivering on them.

We like that Jacked Factory explicitly states that they aren’t going to “BS you and tell you that getting lean is easy.” The manufacturer acknowledges that getting shredded isn’t an overnight process, and it won’t happen if you don’t watch your lifestyle. What Burn XT promises is to help add “fuel to the fire” so to speak when your diet and training is already on point. In a sense, it should work to amplify your results.

Sounds good – but does Burn XT really work? And how do its 60-capsule bottles (2 caps per day serving) compare to PhenQ’s ingredient profile, safety, and value for money? We find out below!


PhenQ is another highly popular weight loss pill. It has hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, so obviously, the manufacturers have been doing something right. Whether that’s marketing, or formula effectiveness – or both – we’ll find out soon.

PhenQ claims to be an all-natural solution that targets 5 different elements of dropping excess pounds.

It turns out, the main advantage of PhenQ over its competitors is that it can help target your weight loss from different angles – including fat burning, appetite control, energy levels, motivation, and fat production inhibition.

PhenQ reportedly achieves these benefits with the use of chromium, nopal fiber, and other natural ingredients.

On their official website, PhenQ also shares images of what they claim are their customers who’d achieved great weight loss success using the supplement. PhenQ isn’t officially sold on Amazon or other retailers so it can be difficult to assess the legitimacy of the reviews surrounding the supplement.

The good news is, we don’t really have to do that anyway! Checking the ingredients of PhenQ will tell us if the evidence supports the claimed benefits, and how it compares to Burn XT.

Shall we have a look?

Burn XT vs PhenQ Ingredients

Ingredients are what makes or breaks a supplement, and it’s no different for fat burners. Never mind the fancy presentation and marketing, it’s their formulas that will tell us which one is better at delivering on its claims.

Burn XT contains 5 ingredients, whereas PhenQ contains double that amount – 10. The products have 4 ingredients in common.

So, right from the start PhenQ has the advantage of having more ingredients, and more unique ingredients at that. But is more better in this case?

See for yourself:

Burn XT Formula

Here are the ingredients in Burn XT by Jacked Factory:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl (700mg)
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (45% EGCG) (450mg)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (270mg)
  • Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract (50mg)
  • BioPerine Black Pepper Extract (5mg)

As shown on Burn XT’s label:

Burn XT Ingredients

We’re happy that Burn XT contains a completely transparent formula. We can see everything clearly on the label, including the doses. Another great thing is that Burn XT is not stuffed with unnecessary fillers or harmful chemicals. What you see is what you get – 5 active ingredients and 2 “other ingredients”, which are hypromellose and leucine which are used as materials for capsules and keeping the ingredients together.

In terms of the ingredients themselves, Burn XT contains some good, well-researched fat burners. The three big ones are caffeine, green tea extract, and Cayenne Pepper Extract (as the high-quality Capsimax). Together, these three ingredients should give you a boost in energy levels, consequently leading to higher metabolic activity and faster calorie burn.

But there are also problems. Despite being transparent and using a few great ingredients, Burn XT is far from the best fat burner formula we’ve seen.

The reason? Some of its ingredients are weak or unproven. Acetyl L-Carnitine is beneficial for increasing energy levels, mental clarity, and liver health, but the studies are mixed as far as fat burning goes – most of them are industry-funded. Better ingredients are missing from Burn XT, including an appetite suppressant like Glucomannan and a natural blood sugar regulator like chromium.

With such a slim formula, Burn XT relies on caffeine and green tea to do most of its heavy lifting. What’s more, caffeine dosage is 270mg, which may be too much for some people – causing jitters and energy crash as the effects wear off.

Don’t get us wrong – this fat burner works. Its formula is definitely better than many other fat burners out there. But Could Burn XT be better? It sure could! Burn XT mostly focuses on the energy/thermogenic side of things, while ignoring other important aspects of weight loss like appetite and blood sugar control. This is a mistake you are unlikely to see with other market-leading fat burners.

PhenQ Formula

Here is the image of PhenQ label as shown on their official website:

PhenQ Ingredients

In case you can’t quite make that out, here’s a list of PhenQ’s ingredients:

  • Calcium Carbonate (230mg)
  • Chromium Picolinate (80mcg)
  • L-Carnitine (150mg)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (100mg)
  • Nopa Cactus Fiber (20mg)
  • Capsimax Plus Blend (50mg)
    • Caffeine anhydrous (dose unknown)
    • Capsimax fruit extract (dose unknown)
    • Niacin (dose unknown)
    • Black Pepper extract (50% piperine) (dose unknown)
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid + L-Cysteine Blend (25mg)

As we said early on, there are just a few ingredients that Burn XT and PhenQ have in common. These are: carnitine, caffeine, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.

PhenQ has the advantage of using more ingredients, including an appetite suppressant (nopa cactus fiber) and general health ingredients like niacin (vitamin B6).

Despite this, we think PhenQ’s formula is even worse than that of Burn XT’s. Much like Burn XT, several of PhenQ’s ingredients are unproven as far as weight loss goes – calcium carbonate, l-carnitine, and niacin. Calcium primarily, is just wasting capsule space here. Our guess is, PhenQ’s manufacturers have used it as a filler to save on production costs.

What makes PhenQ even worse is the fact that many of its ingredients are either underdosed – or have their doses hidden in proprietary blends. Cayenne pepper is an excellent thermogenic and fat burner, but there’s less than 50mg of it in PhenQ. Much like Burn XT, its severely underdosed for weight loss. The most researched fat burner formulas use at least 100mg of cayenne pepper per serving as the minimum effective dose.

Nopa Cactus Fiber is not a common appetite suppressant, but as any type of fiber, it swells in your stomach and can contribute to fullness and satiety. But there’s only 20mg of it in PhenQ. You would need at least 20 times that amount to produce any kind of effect!

Don’t even start us on Alpha lipoic Acid and Cysteine. These two ingredients are not only underdosed, but they have no place in a fat burner in the first place. ALA can also lead to severe long-term side effects if not used correctly. It’s important to check with your doctor before using ALA for the first time.

On the whole then, PhenQ’s ingredient profile looks like a total letdown. Even worse than Burn XT in our opinion.

Which Formula Looks Better Overall?

Although neither Burn XT nor PhenQ can compete with the current best-rated fat burners, we rate Burn XT’s formula as the better one. It has better doses of key ingredients, and it’s likely to give you a more noticeable effect in terms of focus, energy levels, and potentially even some weight loss. It is also safer than PhenQ as it doesn’t contain a heavy metal chelator that is PhenQ (ALA).

What do Others Say?

Generally speaking, both Burn XT and PhenQ are extremely popular online. Their marketing teams have done a great job putting the products out there on almost every corner of the internet! As a result, you’ll easily find tons of customer reviews of both Burn XT and PhenQ.

The user reviews themselves are mixed, but leaning towards the positive side. As expected, Burn XT is a little less controversial and there are fewer reports of negative side effects from users. Even though some of them aren’t satisfied with their results from the product.

That said, it’s worth taking some of these “testimonials” with a grain of salt. You can never really tell which customer reviews are legitimate, and which are paid ads or written by robots! Still, it’s a good idea to get a general overview of what the customers are saying, as it can tell you whether the product in question is a complete scam, or at least a legitimate option.

Burn XT vs PhenQ Side Effects: Which is Safer?

Both Burn XT and PhenQ use ingredients that are well-researched and aren’t known to cause severe negative side effects. This, however, comes with a big caveat.

Burn XT contains high amounts of caffeine, so the risk of side effects is high in sensitive individuals.

As for PhenQ, it uses Alpha Lipoic Acid which is a heavy metal chelator. Taking it improperly could result in severe negative side effects in the long run. Talk with a qualified doctor that specializes in using ALA in metal chelation before using this ingredient for the first time.

Pricing & Value

Burn XT cots $29.99 per bottle. Each bottle has 60 capsules, and since the serving size is 2 capsules per day, it will last you a month.

PhenQ is significantly more expensive at $69.95 per bottle. The dosage with this one is 1 capsule, twice per day, so it will last you the same as its competitor.

Both fat burners come with a money-back guarantee policy. However, we have to give it again to Burn XT in the value department. While it’s not the best fat burner we’ve seen, the significantly lower price and better ingredient profile definitely makes it the winner in our eyes.


Which one is better: Burn XT or PhenQ? Which is more effective for fat loss, hunger control, and energy?

The answer is that neither one is the best weight loss pill we’ve seen. Between the two, Burn XT is the winner due to having more caffeine and better doses of other key ingredients, while also being less likely to cause you side effects.

However, due to the omission of many important ingredients (such as an appetite suppressant and more thermogenics), and because it uses some unproven ingredients (like L-Carnitine), Burn XT would get blown out of the water by any of the current highest-rated fat burner supplements on the market. That being said, Burn XT could be a great option if you’re looking for something inexpensive and don’t mind the high caffeine dose.

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