is a specialized platform for in-depth nutrition articles and supplement reviews. Main topics that we cover are weight loss and men’s health. Content at DOCHS blends informative insights with practical guides to assist you, the reader, on your wellness journey.

DOCHS Mission and Values

DOCHS’ core mission is to provide people with science-led information about supplements so they can make informed choices. We strive to adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and integrity when writing content.

Content Creation and Review Process

DOCHS’ lead author is Valentino Muza, a certified nutritionist (CN). He ensures that each piece of content is original, researched, and fact-checked with a fine-tooth comb. The team comprises of both Valentino and occasional guest authors, but Valentino is the one who does the final editing and pushes the publish button. Relevance and people’s interest is what drives our content selection.

Expertise and Authorship

As a Certified Nutritionist (CN, Croatia), Valentino places professional experience and knowledge at the forefront of DOCHS’ content. Our guest authors are picked for their expertise and ability to provide evidenced insights to our niche.

Editorial Integrity and Independence

To us, having editorial integrity means that our content is unbiased and independent. We maintain a policy against letting commercial interest influence our content. Any potential conflict of interest is clearly disclosed to maintain transparency with you. For example, we will mention whenever an article has affiliate links.

Fact-Checking and Accuracy

Truth is number one. We depend on scientific research, clinical studies, and expert opinions to write our content. We strive to rigorously fact-check each article before publishing it, although it is possible that some articles contain errors which we aim to correct swiftly. Updates are made whenever we find new information on the topic.

Transparency and Disclosure

We don’t accept sponsored content at DOCHS. We select and review products independently. If there is any affiliation with a supplement company we will clearly disclose it. We strive to keep our reviews honest and based on objective analysis to the best of our ability.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusiveness are at the forefront of DOCHS’ ethos. We want to cater to a wide spectrum of needs and viewpoints.

Contact Information

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