Essential Elements apple cider vinegar weight loss gummies review

Essential Elements ACV Gummies Review – Does it Work?

Essential Elements ACV Gummies Review Summarized


  • Mild appetite suppression
  • Can give you a boost of energy, especially if you are vitamin B deficcient
  • Improves your workouts
  • Easy to use


  • Won’t give you fast or easy results as you will need to put a lot of work into shedding weight with ACV gummies
  • Contains Iodine and Sodium which are redundant

Summary: When looking for weight loss supplements people are often drawn to ACV gummies. Who wouldn’t be? Just take 2 delicious-looking gummies that our brain associates with a sweet treat and lose weight. It’s unfortunately not that simle and if you decide to go with ACV gummies you’ll need to put a lot of work in order to loose weight.

Ingredients in Essential Elements ACV Gummies

Anything Missing?

Vitamin B6

One of the B vitamins, while essential and with many benefits, we’ll be focusing on how Vitamin B6 consumption could help you lose weight. There was a research done that included 49 women whose diets were altered. The women that had higher levels of B6 at the end of the study showed a correlation between the increase in fat-free mass percentage. The group that had the positive effect was the women given fortified breakfast cereals that contain B6 correspondingly increasing the participants’ level of Vitamin B6. Such an improvement could help maintain fat-free mass during periods of weight loss according to the study.

Folic Acid

Even though excess Folic Acid can lead to weight gain, your body needs this vitamin to help the body produce and maintain new cells, treat certain types of anemia linked to folic acid, and potentially help prevent changes to DNA that may lead to cancer.

Vitamin B12

Even though Vitamin B12 won’t help you lose weight by itself, it might as a by-product. For starters, Vitamin B12 deficiency has been linked to fatigue and loss of energy. This means that people with low levels of B12 might be less active and therefore could be unconsciously preventing themselves from leading a healthy lifestyle. Other benefits of B12 are supporting normal nerve cell function in your body, red blood cell production, and DNA synthesis.


The idea behind implementing Iodine into this supplement is because it helps the thyroid gland to make the hormone thyroxine. Thyroxine is important for how proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are used in the body. This all sounds great until you realize that Iodine deficiency isn’t really a thing in first-world countries. This is because table salt is iodized(added iodine), and we consume this spice on a daily basis. Another food source from which we get a lot of Iodine is seafood, especially seaweed.


The human body needs small amounts of Sodium in order to work properly. This is because our body uses it to conduct nerve impulses, contract and relax muscles, and maintain the proper balance of water and minerals. The amount of Sodium found in this supplement is negligible(12mg), but we do lose Sodium when sweating so for individuals that do more physical work the recommended daily dosage is larger than for most(average DRD is 1500mg).

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder

Finally, we come to the main ingredient of every ACV supplement. It seems like for ages people have been using Apple Cider Vinegar as a traditional home remedy. ACV can suppress appetite when taken with meals and because of its strong taste that might be offputting to some companies decided to make a supplement that would solve this problem. Studies have however shown that ACV will only mildly suppress your appetite meaning ACV itself won’t take you that far in your weight loss journey.

Pomegranate Juice Powder

As we previously stated ACV alone won’t help you shed weight and this is where exercise comes in. Apart from being rich in antioxidants, Pomegranate may increase your exercise endurance. A study found that pomegranate supplements have the potential for improvement in both exercise endurance and muscle recovery.

Beet Juice Powder

Another ingredient focused on helping with your exercise. Beet Root enhances performance and reduces fatigue in sports with anaerobic intervals.

Dosage Instructions (How to Take)

The serving size for this product is 2 gummies. Because it’s an ACV supplement it would be best to take the gummies with a meal to suppress your appetite.

What do Customers Say About Essential Elements ACV Gummies?

Customers say that the gummies still smell like Apple Cider Vinegar, but taste good, with a few exceptions of course where a customer said that they could still taste the ACV. Apart from that what we can mostly see is that people say their appetite has slightly shrunk. For example, one customer says she doesn’t feel the need for a mid-day snack like she used to.

Essential Elements ACV Gummies vs Goli

When reviewing this product’s ingredients we noticed something. Both Goli and Essential Elements share the same ingredients with Essential Elements having 3 more ingredients(Vitamin B6, Iodine, and Sodium). Out of these three ingredients, only Vitamin B6 seems like a welcoming inclusion as Iodine and Sodium seem excessive due to the modern-day diet. From what we can gather people seem to like the taste of Golli gummies more that Essential Elements. Overall, while neither one is best for weight loss, we rate Essential Elements ACV gummies as the more effective option between the two.

Side Effects

The only potential side effect of this product is the potential harm ACV can do to your body if you overdo it. ACV is very acidic and could cause corrosion of your teeth and irritation or damage to your throat/stomach.

Pricing and Availability

A month’s supply of Essential Elements ACV gummies will set you back $22.49. If we compare this to Goli gummies Essential Elements is $3.49 more expensive each month. Is this price difference justified though? In our opinion not. Even though it’s not a big price difference the $3.49 don’t seem to be worth paying for one ingredient that could realistically be benefiting you. As far as where you can get Essential Elements ACV gummies, you can find them at Walmart, Amazon, or their official website.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to weight loss there are a lot of options out there and sometimes that can become overwhelming. Even though ACV gummies seem like a great solution at first, when we take a deep dive into the way they work and the research behind them we see that they are rather flawed. In our opinion taking ACV gummies is a waste of money as the ingredients are simple and can be found in many other supplements aimed at exercise improvement. There are far more effective weight loss products on the market today.

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