HTLT Turkesterone Review

HTLT Turkesterone Review – Does it Really Work?

Here we have our HTLT Turk Builder review, also known as HTLT Turkesterone. In today’s article, we’re going to see how turkesterone compares to other proven testosterone boosters on the market in terms of muscle building, performance enhancement, cognitive benefits, as well as overall safety and value for money. For those in a hurry, here is the summary of our report.

HTLT Turkesterone Review Summarized


  • People using Turkesterone claim many benefits
  • No proprietary blends
  • Sodium Caprate and Piperine speed up absorption rates


  • Turkesterone isn’t well-researched as it’s a newcomer to the scene
  • Not many reviews and long-term users are out there

Summary: When you first hear about Turkesterone you might think that you found the holy grail of supplements. This hope for a miracle supplement falls short quite fast when you realize that Turkesterone has barely any research done if any. Claims users make sound wonderful but will you actually get any benefits and is Turkesterone side effects free as scientists believe? Only time will tell when we get more studies done on this newcomer. At the moment, you can easily find more researched testosterone boosters on the market.

Ingredients in HTLT Turkesterone

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a great source of antioxidants that protect us from free radical damage. Free radicals are created as a by-product of doing any physical work as they are naturally produced through metabolic oxidation. It is well-known that antioxidants can aid in repairing the damage free radicals do.

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract

Turkesterone is a plant-based steroid that can be extracted from Ajuga Turkestanica. Ecdysteroid hormones look like Androgen hormones (the group of sex hormones that give men their ‘male’ characteristics) and are therefore popular with athletes as a replacement for steroids, or as a meal additive meant for enhanced performance and muscle growth. Its chemical structure is quite similar to human testosterone which we all know and love. Plus, it doesn’t seem to have any side effects like steroids. For this reason, Turkesterone has piqued the interest of many athletes.

The benefits that athletes seek from Turkesterone are muscle growth, the maintenance or increase of testosterone levels, better physical performance, fat burning, weight loss, and improved stress resilience along with many other claimed benefits.

Although Turkesterone seems promising it’s quite new to the supplement scene and more research needs to be done in order to support or dismiss these claims for certain. What we do know is that many Turkesterone users are quite pleased with the results they are getting.


This is a rather famous herb among natural supplements as it’s well-known for its aphrodisiac benefits. One thing you should note, though. Even though some people claim it can boost Testosterone no study yet has been able to support these claims.

Sodium Caprate and Black Pepper Fruit Extract

We are pairing these two ingredients as they are here on the same assignment. Sodium caprate, a medium-chain fatty acid, is a well-recognized absorption enhancer. It increases the paracellular permeability by enlarging the tight junctions, thereby expanding paracellular routes for water-soluble, low lipophilic, and poorly absorbable drugs.

Piperine works through thermogenesis, or increasing core body temperature, which in turn causes the body to demand more nutrients.  In turn, Piperine jumpstarts metabolism and increases the absorption rate of otherwise slow-absorbing ingredients.

Anything Missing?

It’s hard to conclude whether anything is missing in HTLT Turk Builder as we don’t know how effective Turkesterone is and which ingredients go best with it. One topic we have already covered on this blog is Turkesterone and Tongkat Ali stack which you can read here.

Dosage Instructions (How to Take)

The creators of HTLT Turkesterone say that men may start with 2 to 3 capsules per day, with increasing the number of capsules per day based on desired results.  They recommend not exceeding 6 capsules per day.

What do Customers Say About HTLT Turkesterone?

We weren’t able to find any customer reviews regarding this product. As we said, it’s a newcomer to the market and it will take a while before reliable and legitimate HTLT Turkesterone reviews start popping up online.

Side Effects

As far as Turkesterone goes we’re unsure if it brings any side effects. For now, researchers think it is safe, especially when compared to traditional steroids that have been used by bodybuilders. Other ingredients in HTLT Turkesterone seem safe and are commonly used in a variety of supplements on the market.

Pricing and Availability

One bottle of HTLT Turkesterone will cost you $40 and you will get 30 servings if you go with having two capsules per serving. Obviously adding or reducing the serving size will affect how many servings you get. As far as availability goes this product can only be bought through the official site of HTLT.

Wrapping Up

HTLT Turkesterone – or HTLT Turk Builder as it’s also known – is a product that doesn’t have much research to back up its effectiveness be it from the lack of user reviews or studies done on its main ingredient-Turkesterone. This is why we’re skeptical and would steer you in another direction. If you are looking for testosterone boosters there are better options and if you are looking for libido enhancers there are better options. When more research is done on Turkesterone we’ll be more confident in telling you what you can and can’t expect from HTLT Turkesterone.

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