HUM Ripped Rooster vs Skinny Bird

HUM Ripped Rooster vs Skinny Bird: Which is Better for Weight Loss?

Ripped Rooster vs Skinny Bird Summary

Ripped Rooster vs Skinny Bird – which one is better? While neither one is the best we’ve seen, Skinny Bird is the better option if you struggle with food cravings, as it has more ingredients that help suppress your appetite. In terms of fat burning, both products are lackluster and are missing some important ingredients that you’ll typically find in the very best diet pills. Considering the price of Ripped Rooster and Skinny Bird ($45 and $40), we’d do more research before buying either one.

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HUM Ripped Rooster vs Skinny Bird Overview

Ripped Rooster and Skinny Bird are both weight loss supplements from the American company HUM. They are both intended specifically for women who’re struggling with losing weight. The goal of these supplements is to provide your body with nutrients and compounds that make it easier to burn fat by:

  • Boosting your energy levels
  • Increasing focus and mental willpower
  • Reducing the desire to snack and binge eat
  • Elevating your metabolism

But which one is more effective at doing its job? How will they work for you?

Read along as we dissect their ingredient formulas to see if the science agrees with their promises.

Ripped Rooster vs Skinny Bird Ingredients

Ripped Rooster

HUM Ripped Rooster Ingredients

Ripped Rooster has a fairly simple ingredient profile. Only 3 active ingredients inside. Two of these are well-studied and shown to be effective in helping you lose weight. They are chromium and green tea. While chromium helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels and reduce food cravings, green tea extract boosts your metabolism and consequently the number of calories you’ll be burning.

7-Keto, or 7-Keto DHEA is a metabolite of DHEA, a compound which turns into testosterone and estrogen, depending on your body’s needs. However, unlike DHEA, 7-Keto DHEA doesn’t turn into these hormones, but instead, it helps your body burn more fat. At least, these are the claims you’ll see circulating online. The reality is a bit different. 7-Keto DHEA is far from being a proven fat loss compound. It should be replaced with a proven thermogenic such as cayenne pepper extract.

Skinny Bird

HUM Skinny Bird Ingredients

We hoped Skinny Bird would fare better than Ripper Rooster, but the ingredient formula is just as thin. It only has 4 ingredients inside. Three of them are actually beneficial for helping you lose weight – they are 5-HTP, green tea extract, and chromium. We already covered what green tea and chromium can do for you, but what about 5-HTP?

5-HTP is a compound that turns to serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates your mood and appetite. When you take 5-HTP you may notice you are not hungry as much. 5-HTP is a great ingredient to take occasionally, although it may lead to side effects in certain people. Because of this many of the best fat burners omit this ingredient and replace it with equally as effective (if not more) appetite suppressants such as glucomannan which has no side effects.

Which Formula Looks Better Overall?

Between the two, Skinny Bird looks like the one that is more likely to give you a noticeable effect. 5-HTP in combination with chromium and green tea (which has some caffeine as well) should boost your mood and energy levels. You may also notice a slight reduction in appetite. With Ripped Rooster, you’re unlikely to feel much at all. It only has 3 ingredients, one of which isn’t proven to work.

That said, both products are a bit of a letdown. When you compare their formulas with other leading fat burners, you’ll notice they are missing far too many core ingredients to be called complete weight loss supplements. If you’re serious about getting results, we’d recommend checking other options before rushing with either of these two.

What do Others Say?

Dochs Customer Reviews

Ripped Rooster enjoys somewhat better reviews than Skinny Bird, although both have a score below 4 on Amazon, which is pretty bad. This is not surprising to us as both products have lackluster effects – they are unlikely to give you lasting, substantial results in terms of weight loss.

Ripped Rooster vs Skinny Bird Side Effects: Which is Safer?

While Ripped Rooster may be somewhat less effective than Skinny Bird, it is a safer choice. The inclusion of 5-HTP in Skinny Bird means that it’s not recommended for people with certain health conditions or those who take medications such as SSRIs. It’s best to speak with your doctor before taking a new supplement if you already take such medications.

Pricing & Value

On HUM’s website, Ripped Rooster costs $45 per bottle whereas Skinny Bird costs $40 per bottle. Considering that Skinny Bird has more ingredients and it will be a better choice for most people (except those that are worried about 5-HTP’s side effects), it’s clearly the better value of the two. That said, at their price point, neither of these products is the best we’ve seen on the market.


Skinny Bird is better than Ripped Rooster if you want to reduce your appetite and hopefully get some weight loss results. Combining it with a healthy diet and regular exercise may lead to some noticeable improvements in your physique, we just wouldn’t expect wonders.

Skinny Bird and Ripped Rooster are not terrible supplements by any means. They have some good ingredients that should give you a lift in your energy levels and mood, more so Skinny Bird. But the fact that they’re missing so many of the important ingredients that the best fat burners today use, we’re hesitant to recommend them them at the price that is being charged.

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