HUM Ripped Rooster Review

HUM Ripped Rooster Review – The Good, The Bad, and Not So Bad At All


  • Safe & good-quality formula
  • Green Tea Extract with 50% EGCG helps you burn extra calories
  • Chromium has mild appetite-suppressive effects if you’re deficient in it


  • Missing many of the core ingredients important for weight loss
  • Glucomannan would be hugely beneficial for reducing hunger
  • Only 3 ingredients in the formula can’t compete with other, more comprehensive fat burners

HUM Ripped Rooster Review at a Glance:

HUM Ripped Rooster is a decent fat burner if you just look at its ingredients and nothing else. Green tea extract and chromium should give you some results if you’re consistent with your diet and stick to this supplement for at least a couple of months. That said, HUM Ripped Rooster lacks “firepower” to be able to deliver you any substantial weight loss results. For the price that is being charged ($45), you can easily find better options on the market.

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About HUM Ripped Rooster

HUM Ripped Rooster is a natural thermogenic fat burner marketed for women. It contains green tea, 7-Keto DHEA, and chromium as its 3 only active ingredients to help boost your metabolism and support a healthy diet.

Unfortunately, there are more “other ingredients” in the formula than actual active ingredients, which makes us wonder, how will it work for you?

Our team analyzes HUM Ripped Rooster’s ingredients formula to give you our complete and thorough answer.

HUM Ripped Rooster Ingredient Analysis

HUM Ripped Rooster Ingredients

HUM Ripped Rooster contains the following ingredients:

  • Chromium polynicotinate (100mcg)
  • 7-Keto (3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone) (100mcg)
  • Green tea leaf extract with 50mg EGCG (100mg)

The good news is that HUM Ripped Rooster’s ingredient profile is transparent. Meaning, you can see everything on the label, including the dosages. You may say, “Duh! That’s normal.” You’d be surprised how many manufacturers hide this vital information behind proprietary blends. So props to HUM Nutrition for keeping it honest and straightforward for you to see.

But still, the main question remains; are three ingredients in this formula enough to give you noticeable results? Let’s check each one of them.

Chromium polynicotinate (100mcg)

Chromium is a trace mineral. It helps your body regulate glucose and insulin. As a result, chromium is sometimes used by people who suffer from weight gain and excessive snacking (inability to control appetite). Due to its ability to potentially improve your blood sugar levels, chromium might act as a mild appetite suppressant – but only if you’re deficient in it. People with normal or elevated chromium blood levels are not going to experience any noticeable effects except for perhaps a slight reduction in fasting glucose.

7-Keto (3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone) (100mcg)

This is a trendy one. Also known as 7-Keto DHEA, this is a metabolite of DHEA, which is made by your adrenal glands. Normally, DHEA turns into hormones like testosterone and estrogen, but 7-Keto DHEA doesn’t. Instead, it is rumored to slightly increase your body’s metabolism by converting fat into energy. However, studies are yet to prove these claims.

Green tea leaf extract with 50mg EGCG (100mg)

Green tea is one of our favorite ingredients in weight loss supplements. The reason being is simple; your body recognizes green tea as a stimulant; not just in the same sense as caffeine, but also in the sense that it stimulates your metabolism to work faster. It is not a magic ingredient, but it does help you burn some extra calories, which can be really helpful when you’re trying to stick to a daily calorie limit.

Our Commentary on HUM Ripped Rooster’s Formula

HUM Ripped Rooster is unlikely to give you substantial results. You may notice a tiny decrease in appetite from chromium, and green tea may help you burn a few extra calories, but there are so many other core ingredients missing that HUM Ripped Rooster can’t compete with leading fat burners in terms of effectiveness.

How to Use HUM Ripped Rooster

You should take 1 capsule, twice daily with your meals. Make sure not to take it on an empty stomach as chromium needs to be taken alongside carbohydrates to work properly for weight loss.

Side Effects

HUM Ripped Rooster is unlikely to cause any side effects. The ingredients are safe and commonly used in fat burners. That said, if you have a medical condition or are taking any medications, then the risk of side effects is there. In this case, talk to your doctor before taking HUM Ripped Rooster.

Testimonials & Reviews

Dochs Customer Reviews

We’ve looked at some Amazon reviews of HUM Nutrition Ripped Rooster to see what kind of results other people reported. And it doesn’t look too impressive. It has a score of 3.8/5 stars which is pretty bad as far as fat burners go. That said, some people found these pills to work for them. Here’s what some of them said;

“This product is a game changer! If you already eat well, and you exercise but still want to be more toned, I would 100% recommend this product! This is an amazing product and really works when consistently used daily!” – Courtney

“If you think within 2 weeks you’ll notice a difference, this product isn’t for you. Definitely is taking sometime but slowly I do see progress.” – Aubrey Chang

“I’ve been taking this for almost a month and I’ve been eating healthy and I do cardio everyday and I haven’t seen any changes.” – Miss V

“I’m not sure if I like this yet. I’ve been talking it for a month and see or feel no difference. I do feel like it cuts my appetite a little. I took 3 one day and I felt the best that one time, however, I tried asking HUM directly if taking three would be okay and if trying a second full month would be best but they never got back to me. I think I’ll try a second full month and see if I notice a difference in addition to eating well and working out.” – Anonymous Amazon Customer

Pricing, Availability, and Other Things to Consider

HUM Nutrition Ripped Rooster costs $45 per bottle on its official website. It is also available at Sephora and on Amazon. You should check all the websites before purchasing to get the best deal. Speaking of which, if you buy on the official website, there is a possibility to get up to 50% off when buying for the first time.


HUM Ripped Rooster is not a terrible fat burner, but for the price, it’s far from the best either. With only 3 ingredients in the formula, it can’t compete with supplements that use more comprehensive formulas with well-studied compounds. There’s no questioning that you can find better value elsewhere with a little research.

Here’s our final score of HUM Ripped Rooster by categories:

Fat Burning 4/10
Appetite Control4/10
Energy & Focus5/10
Ingredient Quality7/10
HUM Ripped Rooster: Ratings by Category

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