Alpha King vs Nugenix

Nugenix vs Alpha King: Which is Better?

Nugenix vs Alpha King: which is the better testosterone booster? Which one is safer, and more effective at elevating your energy levels, increasing motivation & performance, enhancing libido, and supporting your overall quality of life as a man? Our team shares their thoughts.

Nugenix vs Alpha King Summary

While neither Nugenix nor Alpha King makes it onto our “top testosterone booster” list, Alpha King offers more value for the price. It has fewer ingredients than Nugenix (4vs6) but the ingredients themselves are more effective and better dosed when it comes to raising your energy & libido. Alpha King costs $39.99 per bottle (30 servings) and Nugenix costs $49.99 per bottle on Amazon. If you’re looking for the most effective natural testosterone booster that is healthy to take long-term, neither Nugenix nor Alpha King (including their different variations) doesn’t cut it. But between the two, Alpha King is the winner.

What do we recommend?

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About The Products & Their Manufacturers

About Nugenix

Nugenix is a popular testosterone booster made by a company of the same name. If you’ve ever looked into T-boosters, you’ve more likely than not come across Nugenix at some point. It has been on the market since 2012 and has remained one of the top-selling men’s vitality supplements, including being #1 on GNC.

So, what does Nugenix do that makes it so well-received amongst users?

According to the manufacturer, Nugenix has a simple but straightforward goal: to boost your natural testosterone production and your lean muscle mass. Sounds good, right? When your testosterone levels are elevated, you can expect a whole host of other benefits that high testosterone brings. Such as improved fat loss, better body composition, and of course, higher libido & sexual performance.

Nugenix contains 90 capsules per bottle, and the dosage instructions are 3 capsules per day with or without your meal. When taken consistently and paired with resistance training and a clean diet, you should notice an improvement in your overall vitality after a while.

But just how effective Nugenix is at delivering what it claims, is it safe, and how it compares to Alpha King, is something we’ll know for certain once we have a look at their ingredients (coming in a minute).

About Alpha King

Alpha King is an all-natural testosterone booster made by Force Factor, a U.S. company.

Looking at the marketing material on its website, Alpha King is said to enhance the key characteristics that make a man, man;

  • Motivation & Confidence
  • Virility
  • Energy levels
  • Performance & libido
  • Masculine drive & ambition

How exactly does Alpha King plan to achieve these benefits? The manufacturer claims that when paired with resistance training, Alpha King helps to boost your free testosterone levels which are associated with all the aforementioned benefits plus an increase in lean muscle mass. Simply take 1 capsule per day with food or water and you should notice an improvement after several weeks of supplementation.

This is a little different from Nugenix which has a larger serving size of 3 capsules. We typically find that T-boosters with more servings or higher serving sizes have stronger effects, simply due to the fact that you’re supplying your body with higher concentrations of natural T-boosting compounds within 24 hours.

But more is not always better. Is Nugenix really more effective at boosting your energy levels & performance than Alpha King, or is it the other way around?

See for yourself.

Nugenix vs Alpha King: Ingredients

Nugenix’s Formula

Nugenix Ingredients

Nugenix’s formula contains 6 ingredients in total. Three of those are clearly shown on the label with their dosages. The other three (Citrulline, Fenugreek, and Tribulus) are in what’s called a “proprietary blend.”

Some of the ingredients such as Fenugreek are excellent for boosting your natural testosterone blood count. You’ll also see L-Citrulline which is highly effective at boosting your nitric oxide levels – resulting in improved circulation and better erections.

However, not knowing the dosages of these key ingredients is a serious issue. Between 250-500mg of fenugreek is the ideal dosage for testosterone. With higher-end dosages being even more effective.

For all we know, Nugenix’s proprietary blend could be 99% Tribulus Terrestris, which would make it completely ineffective for testosterone. Tribulus hasn’t been shown to have any notable effects other than the reduction in prostate inflammation.

Proprietary blends are a red flag to us as they indicate a lack of confidence of the manufacturer to show exactly what they’re putting in the product and how much. Not only that, it could be a way for the manufacturer to skimp on quality ingredients and stuff the formula with cheaper compounds without you being able to tell.

So, what about the remaining 3 ingredients in Nugenix that aren’t in a proprietary blend? We’re talking about Zinc, Vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Well, zinc is a good choice. It has been shown in studies to prevent dips in your testosterone levels from stress, be it physical or emotional. The problem is, that you only get 1% of your daily requirement for zinc in Nugenix. This is far too little to have any effect on testosterone.

B vitamins, meanwhile, are good for general health & energy support but don’t expect them to do miracles in terms of boosting your testosterone levels or libido. B vitamins are simply there to fill in any gaps you may have in your diet, although it’s difficult to be deficient n them nowadays as plenty of foods are rich in B vitamins (unless you’re eating a strict vegan diet, in which case you may need to supplement B12 specifically).

Overall, Nugenix looks like a formula that doesn’t live up to the hype. Big marketing campaigns are great to get your customer interested in your product, but if you don’t deliver results, they won’t keep buying it. Nugenix may give you a slight energy & performance boost thanks to the B vitamins and Citrulline (provided it’s not underdosed – there’s no way to know), but we wouldn’t expect miracles with this one. It’s missing far too many important ingredients, not to mention other drawbacks. We’ve seen far more effective men’s vitality formulas out there.

Alpha King’s Formula

Force Factor Alpha King Ingredients

Alpha King contains 4 active ingredients. Fewer than Nugenix, but the good news is, that we can see the dosage of each one.

So, what does Alpha King contain?

It has Fenugreek (400mg!), Tribulus, Black Maca Extract, and DIM.

Right off the bat, the ingredients look better than in Nugenix. Not just because the label is more transparent (there are no proprietary blends), but also because the ingredients themselves are more effective and more likely to give you a boost in your natural testosterone and libido.

For one, Fenugreek is dosed at 400mg per serving, which is a safe and effective amount for increasing testosterone. As a herb, Fenugreek is one of the best ingredients that help to lower detrimental hormones like estrogen and cortisol, while giving your testosterone more room to “grow.”

Black Maca, on the other hand, is a plant native to South Africa that affects libido more than anything else. Maca is known to significantly elevate sex drive in both men and women, although it’s effects on testosterone itself are minimal at best.

Then there is DIM. It is a compound extracted from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli. It works by reducing the aromatase enzyme, which converts your testosterone to the female sex hormone estrogen. 100mg of DIM is a solid amount and it may help to reduce weight gain and other symptoms of high estrogen such as gynecomastia (man boobs).

Not all things things are great with Alpha King, though. Although we’ve found it to be somewhat more effective than Nugenix, it too has some major flaws.

For one, the last ingredient, Tribulus, is not proven to elevate testosterone in any way.

This means that we only have 2 ingredients that help to stimulate your male hormone – Fenugreek and DIM. The rest of Alpha King’s formula is more focused on either libido or prostate health.

Two ingredients alone aren’t enough to produce a substantial boost. You may notice a slight improvement in your overall vitality, but for real, lasting results, you will need the help of other core ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid, Ashwagandha, vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc to name a few. All of these are crucial ingredients proven to elevate testosterone levels. We’re not sure why Alpha King has omitted them; opting to go for such a slim formula!

All things considered then, Alpha King has a slight edge over Nugenix due to having a more transparent ingredient label. It is also more likely to give you a slight boost in your libido than Nugenix. However, Alpha King has too many downsides for us to rate it as one of the very best men’s vitality formulas on the market.

Nugenix vs Alpha King: Side Effects

Nugenix and Alpha King are both safe supplements. Neither one is likely to cause any side effects, the ingredients are all well-researched, and from the information presented, the dosages are within the safe limits.

That said, Alpha King contains a controversial filler, Titanium Dioxide. This one is known to be potentially carcinogenic. The jury is still out on how (un)safe Titanium Dioxide is in supplements, though it’s always best to play caution.

Nugenix vs Alpha King: Customer Reviews

Nugenix and Alpha King both enjoy good reviews & testimonials online. It’s difficult to pick the winner in this category for multiple reasons. One is that the reviews can be easily manipulated nowadays; making it impossible to tell which ones are paid ads, which are written by competitors, and which are legitimate.

This is why we always say that it’s best to do your own research on the ingredients in a supplement; this is the best way to know how the product will work for you.

Nugenix vs Alpha King: Pricing

A 90-count bottle of Nugenix (1-month supply) will set you back by $49.99 if buying on Amazon. The price can vary depending on where you buy it; Nugenix is available on multiple websites.

Alpha King, on the other hand, costs $39.99 per bottle (30 capsules). While it is cheaper, Alpha King delivers fewer servings than Nugenix. Therefore, the question of which is the better value is up to you to decide. In our opinion, neither one is the best we’ve seen on the market.

Nugenix Ultimate vs Alpha King Supreme: What About These Two?

Okay, we’ve had a look at Nugenix Original vs Alpha King. But what about their other versions; such as Nugenix Ultimate vs Alpha King Supreme. This is a whole other story as the “Ultimate” and “Supreme” versions of these supplements have different ingredient profiles than their original versions.

Nugenix Ultimate

Let’s start with Nugenix Ultimate. It contains 8 ingredients vs the 6 that are in Nugenix Original. Plus, Nugenix Ultimate has a completely transparent label so you know exactly what you are getting. The ingredients themselves in Nugenix are better, too. It contains boron, D-Aspartic Acid, and a few other important inclusions that give Nugenix Ultimate an edge over its predecessor when it comes to elevating your energy, libido, and performance.

Sadly, Nugenix Ultimate is still far from the best out there; it has several issues that make it fall behind the leading brands. For one, Nugenix Ultimate is still missing some important ingredients such as vitamin D, Ashwagandha, Magnesium, and zinc. What’s more, Nugenix Ultimate contains some ineffective and unproven ingredients for testosterone/men’s vitality such as Epimedium and Stinging Nettle. For the price of $116 per bottle (30 servings), Nugenix Ultimate underdelivers and can’t compete with other testosterone boosters that are not only more affordable but more effective too.

But how does it compare to Alpha King Supreme?

Alpha King Supreme

With over 24 ingredients in its formula, Alpha King Supreme is a much-improved version of the original. It is also, in our opinion, superior than any iteration of Nugenix – including Ultimate.

Alpha King Supreme contains almost everything we’d want in a testosteosterone booster, and the dosages are on point for the most part, too. Not only does Alpha King Supreme work to elevate your natural testosterone production, but it also contains ingredients that are more commonly found in nootropic supplements. More specifically, some of the ingredients in Alpha King also affect your cognitive well-being and mental function, in addition to addressing libido & sexual health.

Between Nugenix Ultimate and Alpha King Supreme, Alpha King Supreme is the clear winner. It offers more for less money ($116 vs $89.99), and it is more effective at delivering the benefits you’d expect out of a quality T-booster.

With that being said, Alpha King Supreme does still have some issues. The mere fact that it contains so many ingredients together (at relatively high dosages), means that Alpha King Supreme is not the ideal supplement for long-term consumption as it may lead to side effects. This is especially important to consider if you’re taking other supplements as you can easily exceed your daily allowances for certain nutrients.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective testosterone booster that is healthy for daily use, there are definitely better options to be found for less than Alpha King Supreme.


Between Alpha King and Nugenix, Alpha King is the winner. It has a more transparent ingredient label, the ingredients themselves are better, and it costs less.

While neither one is the best testosterone booster/men’s vitality supplement we’ve seen, Nugenix has far too many downsides for us to recommend it over Alpha King.

If you are interested in what we recommend as the current highest-rated testosterone boosters, you can see them in our guide.

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