Gorilla Mind Turkesterone Review

OUR REVIEW: Gorilla Mind Turkesterone – Read Before Buying

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone Review Summarized


  • Animal research suggests turkesterone is effective for muscle growth & performance
  • Seems safe in doses of 500mg, at least in the short-term
  • 60 capsules per bottle lasting you up to 2 months


  • The only main active ingredient is Turkesterone
  • Missing many core ingredients that would make it more effective at promoting testosterone and libido
  • Turkesterone itself is still an underresearched compound


Gorilla Mind Turkesterone is a brand new product from Derek from “More Plates More Dates,” as he’s known on YouTube. The issue with this testosterone booster is that it relies on only Turkesterone, which hasn’t been studied in humans. For the most part, we only have rat studies and anecdotal evidence from users, which doesn’t tell us how effective (and safe) turkesterone is to take long-term. To us, turkesterone is just another fad in the testosterone booster market. Gorilla Mind capitalized on the hype by releasing this product. You can easily find higher-quality testosterone boosters with proven, safe, and effective ingredients at this price range.

About Gorilla Mind Turkesterone

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone is a brand new plant-based product featuring the main active ingredient – you’ve guessed it – turkesterone.

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone claims to:

  • Boost your muscle hypertrophy
  • Improve recovery times
  • Reduce cortisol
  • Combat fatigue
  • Protect muscle tissue

The benefits seem similar to what you’d get from real testosterone, but apparently, Turkesterone doesn’t give you any side effects or withdrawal symptoms after stopping it. Sounds like a match made in heaven for a fitness enthusiast.

But does it really work?

Our team takes a look at the evidence to give you a full picture.

Ingredients in Gorilla Mind Turkesterone

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone Ingredients

As the product name suggests, the main ingredient in the formula is Turkesterone.

More specifically, Gorilla Mind Turkesterone contains Ajuga Turkestanica Extract which contains 10% of the active ingredient turkesterone. Alongside that, we have Hydroxypropyl-beta-Cyclodextrin Complex which more or less plays the same role.

So what exactly is Turkesterone, how does it work, is it safe & effective, and is it enough on its own to give you substantial results?

For starters, Turkesterone is a legal steroid. It is similar in structure and effects to testosterone. This means that in theory, turkesterone gives you many of the similar benefits of testosterone – including increased muscle growth, fat loss, and energy levels.

However, the difference is that turkesterone doesn’t bind to your androgen receptors, which means the risk of side effects or dependency is extremely low.

Because of this, turkesterone has recently caught a massive amount of hype in the bodybuilding community. Even the likes of Joe Rogan discussed turkesterone on his JRE podcast.

But what does the science say about this compound? The theory sounds good, but is it actually as good in practice…

The bad news is that there are very few studies done on Turkesterone, with most of them being in animals. That said, the results of these studies look promising.

If animal studies are anything to go by, turkesterone might be able to enhance your muscle growth, fat burning, overall gym performance, as well as reduce stress hormones such as cortisol which is detrimental to testosterone.

Still, we will need to wait for long-term human studies to say for sure just how effective (and safe!) turkesterone is. There are currently no long-term studies on turkesteorne to our knowledge, which means you’re basically playing with fire not knowing the effects of taking it for prolonged periods of time. The animal research suggests it’s safe, but the lack of more robust evidence tells us it’s best to play caution with turkesterone for now.

Anything Missing?

A lot is missing from Gorilla Mind Turkesterone. With only one ingredient in the formula – an underresearched one at that – Gorilla Mind Turkesterone could use the help of magnesium, vitamin D, Ashwagandha, boron, and D-Aspartic Acid among many others.

Most people are vitamin D and magnesium deficient; which is linked to reduced testosterone and sperm count, depression, as well as a host of other health issues.

The best testosterone boosters use these ingredients for a reason. The synergy between them is what allows a testosterone booster to not only directly raise your testosterone production but also negate other detrimental hormones such as cortisol and excessive estrogen.

As promising as rat studies look, we highly doubt that turkesterone alone can benefit you substantially.

Dosage Instructions (How to Take)

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone dosage is 1 capsule, once or twice per day with or without food. You should avoid taking more than recommended as there is very little research on turkesterone, its optimal dosage in humans, and potential side effects.

What do Customers Say About Gorilla Mind Turkesterone?

So far there’s only been hype from manufacturers and sponsored content on the internet. There are not a lot of actual legitimate reviews & testimonials from users, other than some on Amazon. Even those are easy to manipulate, though, so it’s best to rely on your own research to figure out how it will work for you. By research, we mean looking into the actual studies and what they say about a compound in a supplement. This applies not just to turkesterone but any supplement you may come across.

Side Effects

Not much is known about turkesterone’s side effects. As of right now, the compound seems relatively safe when taken in doses of 500-1,000mg or less, but it’s always best to play caution by talking to your doctor if you have any doubts or questions.

Pricing and Availability

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone will set you back by $59.99 on its official website (a bottle of 60 capsules). It is also available on Amazon and a few other websites online, so make sure to check all of your options for the best price before buying.

Wrapping Up

All things considered, Gorilla Mind Turkesterone seems like a promising product – if we consider the rat studies.

The studies show us that turkesterone has the potential to improve muscle growth, speed up recovery from exercise, and even reduce stress levels.

However, the degree to which it does that, and whether it works in humans at all or not, is still up for debate. A lot of the reviews online are potentially paid ads so it’s difficult to say how turkesterone really works for people.

The best way is to try it out for yourself; or if you don’t want to gamble with a compound that is understudied at the moment, have a look at our guide to the current best-reviewed testosterone boosters on the market.

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