Razalean vs Exipure

Razalean vs Exipure: Which is Better?

Razalean vs Exipure Summary

Razalean and Exipure are natural weight loss supplements designed to boost your metabolism, curb food cravings, and improve blood sugar and energy levels. How well do they work? Between the two, Razalean is the superior option. It uses more effective ingredients than Exipure, such as green tea extract, cayenne pepper, and Rhodiola Rosea.

However, both Exipure and Razalean use proprietary blends, which means you can’t see the dose of each ingredient in their formulas. The inability to see individual ingredient doses prevents us from knowing if they work at all. The doses could easily be too low (or worse, too high) without us knowing. Considering that Razalean costs $69.95 per bottle, and Exipure costs $59 per bottle, you can easily find more transparent and more effective fat burners on the market today.

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Razalean vs Exipure Ingredients

Razalean’s Ingredients

Razalean contains quite a few of our favorite weight-loss compounds. They include caffeine, green coffee bean, cayenne pepper, green tea, and Rhodiola Rosea. Together, these ingredients should increase your energy levels, and improve metabolism a bit, so you can burn fat faster. They may also make you less hungry due to their appetite-suppressive effects.

Now, these effects will only be possible and realistic if Razalean is correctly dosed. And this is where we come to a problem.

Razalean is one huge proprietary blend – you can’t see any of the ingredient doses on the label. You are only able to see the total dose of the blend.

This is a huge red flag, as it makes it impossible for us to determine whether Razalean is at all effective or safe. Who says Razalean is not 99% apple-cider vinegar powder or L-Arginine? If that is the case, this supplement is about as effective at burning fat as taking a spoon of powdered oats.

Apart from not being transparent, Razalean also has issues like using unproven and potentially risky ingredients, such as 5-HTP. 5-HTP helps promote sleep but it can cause negative side effects in some people when taken daily long-term.

Garcinia Cambogia and green tea extract are excellent inclusion as far as weight loss goes, though we have to warn that if you have a sensitive liver or have ah history of liver conditions, it’s best to speak to your doctor before consuming these ingredients because they have been shown to be hard on a sensitive liver in rare instances.

There are not a lot of positive things we can say about Razalean’s formula overall.

Razalean Ingredients

Exipure’s Ingredients

If you thought Razalean’s ingredient profile was questionable, wait ’till you have a look at Exipure’s!

Exipure also contains all of its ingredients in a proprietary blend – but it’s worse. It doesn’t show any dose at all on its website – not even the total dose of the formula.

Not only that, the ingredients in Exipure are pretty much useless as far as fat burning goes.

Perilla, Kudzu, White Korean Ginseng, and Propolis all sound nice and exotic on paper, but they are unlikely to cause any notable weight loss.

Holy Basil is a decent ingredient if dosed properly. It works to reduce stress hormones, which can indirectly help you burn fat.

Quercetin is a healthy antioxidant that also may have a positive indirect benefit for your weight loss efforts, but it’s not enough on its own.

Exipure’s formula is missing far too many core ingredients for us to be able to say it’s anything close to a good diet pill.

Which Formula Looks Better Overall?

Both Razalean and Exipure are massive letdowns so we’ll have to choose the lesser of “two negatives.” That is Razalean. It at least contains some well-studied weight loss ingredients and you can see the dose of the proprietary blend as a whole. Neither of which is the case with Exipure – one of the worst weight loss supplements we’ve seen recently.

Razalean vs Exipure Side Effects: Which is Safer?

Razalean contains green tea extract and Garcinia Cambogia, which can be hard on the liver if you have a liver condition or are generally sensitive to supplements. Since we can’t tell the dosages of the ingredients in Razalean and Exipure, it’s difficult to say if some of them are dosed too high. That said, the ingredients are, for the most part, common and well-known in supplements, so there shouldn’t be any issues for most people.

Pricing & Value

A bottle of Razalean costs $69.95. It contains 60 servings.

Exipure costs less, $59 per bottle, but it only contains 30 servings.


Between the two, Razalean is the clear winner. It uses better ingredients than Exipure and is more likely to give you some results.

That said, for the prices that both products are charging, you can find far better weight loss pills on the market, ones that use natural and well-studied ingredients in transparent and clinically studied dosages – where you can see everything on the label.

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