Vintage Burn vs Hydroxycut

Vintage Burn vs Hydroxycut: Which is Better?

Vintage Burn vs Hydroxycut: which is better for cutting back unwanted fat? Which will provide you with a greater energy boost? Which is safer and better value for money? Our team compares their ingredients, benefits, side effects, and more to help you decide which one is right for you.

Vintage Burn vs Hydroxycut Summary

While neither Vintage Burn nor Hydroxycut is as good as some supplements from our “top list,” Vintage Burn is the winner of the two. It contains more effective ingredients in optimal dosages. Hydroxycut relies mostly on Coffea Canephora Robusta and caffeine, which isn’t enough to produce substantial long-term results in terms of fat burning and appetite suppression. Having said that, Vintage Burn is far from a perfect supplement – it is using some completely unproven and ineffective ingredients, and it is missing several important compounds, such as cayenne pepper extract, HMB, and glucomannan that would make it more likely to deliver on its claims. There are better fat burners on the market than either of these two, without a doubt.

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Vintage Burn vs Hydroxycut Overview

About Vintage Burn

Vintage Burn is a dietary supplement from the California-based company Old School Labs. It is marketed as a highly effective “muscle-preserving” fat burner. More specifically, Old School Labs say Vintage Burn amps up your metabolism and stimulates the conversion of stored fat into energy without wasting muscle.

This popular thermogenic fat burner is for all men and women, regardless of fitness level. Besides helping you burn more fat, it also claims to have these advantages:

  • Suppress your appetite
  • Enhance energy, mood and focus
  • Provide the benefits without causing anxiety, jitters, or nausea
  • No artificial ingredients or unnecessary fillers

These don’t sound like anything too out of the ordinary or overly exciting. It is what most fat burners claim nowadays. However, one thing that makes Vintage Burn stand out a little is the fact that it claims to preserve your muscle mass. This is crucial; a calorie deficit often leads not just to a loss of fat but also lean tissue.

Many fat burners neglect this part of weight loss. We know of only a handful of supplements on the market that are capable of achieving and sustaining this effect.

As a side note, Vintage Burn is available in a capsule version and a powder version. The Vintage Burn Powder comes in different flavors, including Strawberry Kiwi & Peach Mango. The capsule version comes in 60-cap and 120-cap bottles, and the powder version comes in 4.3oz (123g) containers. Their ingredient profiles are fairly similar, but we will be focusing on the capsule version in this article.

If Vintage Burn can really do what it claims, it is going to be an awesome solution for giving you real and continuing results.

Let’s check its competitor, Hydroxycut, before moving on to their ingredient profiles.

About Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut is an over-the-counter dietary supplement. It is one of the best-selling weight loss supplements in the USA. Whereas Vintage Burn approaches weight loss from multiple angles, Hydroxycut seems to focus more on a single ingredient to help you achieve solid weight loss results.

The Hydroxycut website states that the product contains a “science-backed key weight loss ingredient” – C. Canephora Robusta. According to the manufacturer, this ingredient works to help you:

  • Burn calories
  • Enhance energy
  • Stabilize blood sugar

Hydroxycut’s official website goes on to say how they included additional ingredients like caffeine, apple cider vinegar, and essential vitamins in the formula to further help with energy levels, focus, and appetite control.

You should be aware that there are different versions of Hydroxycut available; including Hydroxycut Pro Clinical (the original), Hydroxycut Hardcore, Hydroxycut Black, and so on. Each has a different ingredient profile. In this article, we will be focusing on the Hydroxycut Pro Clinical version.

Vintage Burn vs Hydroxycut Ingredients

Disregard the fancy claims and cool packaging; what ultimately matters is the formula.

It is the ingredients that will tell us the answer to which of these two products is more effective (and safer), and ultimately how each compares to the current market-leading weight loss supplements.

Vintage Burn’s Formula Analysis

Here are the ingredients in Vintage Burn:

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – 330mg
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – 270mg
  • Raspberry Ketones – 200mg
  • Olive Leaf Extract – 160mg
  • Caffeine – 150mg
  • Bacopa Leaf Extract – 130mg
  • Garcinia Fruit Extract – 100mg
  • Chrysin – 100mg
  • Forskohlii Root Extract – 60mg

As shown on the label:

Vintage Burn Ingredients

We’re glad to see that the ingredient label of Vintage Burn is completely transparent. You can see every ingredient and its dosage clearly on the label. What’s more, it only contains 2 filler ingredients, which is excellent.

As for the ingredients themselves, Vintage Burn has a lot of good stuff. But it also has some ineffective compounds.

Green tea, caffeine, green coffee bean, and Forskohlii are some of our favorite ingredients in a fat burner. Together, they should help to increase your energy, reduce bloating and excess water weight, and promote fat burning.

On the other hand, some ingredients in Vintage Burn are not proven to aid weight loss, or do anything for that matter. Raspberry Ketones have extremely low oral absorption; producing no effects at all. Olive Leaf Extract is a source of anti-inflammatory fatty acids, but it hasn’t been shown to produce any kind of substantial weight loss effect. The same goes for Chrysin; it is a flavonoid compound from bee pollen that can boost testosterone in men when injected directly into testicles. Orally consumed, Chrysin has no effect at all.

Then there are ingredients like Bacopa Monnieri and Garcinia Fruit Extract. Bacopa is an Ayurvedic herb known for its memory-enhancing and anxiety-soothing properties. This makes it a great addition to a nootropic supplement. However, there are better ingredients that could’ve been put in its stead for a fat burner. Garcinia, on the other hand, has mixed results when it comes to its effectiveness and safety. Some studies show positive results on fat-burning when supplementing Garcinia, but there is a concern with liver toxicity when taken long-term.

As a whole, Vintage Burn’s ingredient profile looks like a mixed bag. It contains some excellent ingredients, but there are also an awful lot of questionable or unproven compounds taking up unnecessary capsule space. In order for Vintage Burn to be able to compete with the best fat burners on the market, it would need to remove these compounds and replace them with more effective ingredients such as Glucomannan (appetite suppressant), vitamin D, and cayenne pepper extract to name a few.

Hydroxycut’s Formula Analysis

Here are the ingredients in Hydroxycut Pro Clinical:

  • Vitamin D – 200IU
  • Thiamin – 0.3mg
  • Riboflavin – 0.3mg
  • Niacin – 4mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 0.4mg
  • Vitamin B12 – 6mcg
  • Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Complex – 604mg
    • Robusta coffee extract (C. Canephora Robusta) – 200mg
    • Apple Cider Vinegar – 100mg
    • Plum (dose unknown)
    • Baobab extract (dose unknown)
    • Cardamom (dose unknown)
    • Coffee Extract – 204mg (supplying 200mg of caffeine)
Hydroxycut Ingredients

Unlike Vintage Burn, Hydroxycut doesn’t let us know the doses of all the ingredients. Some of them are hidden behind proprietary blends, allowing you to see only the dose of the whole blend. There are also a lot more fillers in Hydroxycut compared to Vintage Burn; including the controversial titanium dioxide.

Hydroxycut’s not off to a great start.

In terms of ingredients themselves, Hydroxycut contains a few solid ones. B vitamins – niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 are all essential nutrients that your body uses for various vital functions, including the conversion of food into energy. However, most people get enough of these through food. In most cases, supplementation doesn’t provide an additional benefit unless deficient.

Next up, we have Coffea Canephora Robusta, which is said to be the key player of Hydroxycut’s formula. What is C. Canephora Robusta? It is a type of coffee bean that is low in caffeine and high in chlorogenic acids. The latter is what is studies for its weight loss benefits. Chlorogenic acids are shown to help stabilize blood sugar levels, which consequently helps with satiety and energy levels throughout the day. By consuming fewer calories, you will naturally increase the odds of achieving your weight loss goals.

What’s more, the official Hydroxycut website backs up their claims about C. Canephora Robusta with a few clinical studies. However, it is important to note that these studies recruited a limited number of people, and the findings weren’t replicated in other clinical trials. You should also be aware that the individuals in the study also followed a regular training program 3x per week while maintaining a calorie-restricted diet. So it is difficult to say how much C. Canephora Robusta per se contributed to the results of the study.

While Coffea Canephora Robusta looks to be a promising ingredient, more human research on that ingredient is needed to confirm what results you can expect from it.

And that is pretty much it. The remaining ingredients in Hydroxycut are basic fruit extracts that aren’t going to have any spectacular effects as far as dropping pounds is concerned. Vitamin D is an otherwise excellent fat burning nutrient, but it is severely underdosed here. The only noteworthy exception left is caffeine powder, which is an ingredient most of us are familiar with. At 200mg per serving, it should give you a boost in your energy levels and focus without causing too many side effects. That is, if you are not sensitive to the stimulant!

Which Formula Looks Better Overall?

Overall, Hydroxycut looks to be an inferior formula to that of Vintage Burn. Many of its ingredients are completely ineffective for weight loss. With some of them, we can’t even see the ingredient doses. We’ve found that B vitamins, caffeine, and Canephora Robusta Coffee weren’t enough to produce significant results on their own.

Although Vintage Burn has some major issues of its own, it is likely to give you better results than its competitor. That being said, we would recommend doing more research before going for either one of these two, as there are even better formulas available on the market today, without question.

Vintage Burn vs Hydroxycut Side Effects: Which is Safer?

Between Vintage Burn and Hydroxycut, Vintage Burn is less likely to cause you side effects as it contains next to no caffeine. Meanwhile, Hydroxycut contains 200mg of caffeine per serving, which could prove to be too much for some people – leading to jitters, energy crashes, and insomnia among others.

Pricing & Value

On its official website, Vintage Burn costs $29.99 per bottle (30 servings). By subscribing to a recurring delivery you can save 15%. The manufacturer also offers a money-back guarantee when buying from the official website.

As for Hydroxycut, the Pro Clinical version costs $19.99 per bottle (36 servings). Although much cheaper, it is still not a great value since the results of this supplement are lackluster at best. That said, if you’re on a budget, it is not the worst option out there.


That concludes our Hydroxycut vs Vintage Burn comparison.

Ultimately, Vintage Burn takes the win. It contains better ingredients in more effective dosages. While it’s more expensive than its competitor, Vintage Burn is more likely to give you the results in terms of fat loss and appetite suppression.

Still, Vintage Burn is far from a perfect supplement. We’ve found it to be decent at increasing our metabolism and reducing hunger, but not as good as some other fat burners. In addition, the claim that Vintage Burn helps protect muscle from catabolism isn’t backed by science – there are no ingredients in the formula that could achieve this effect (e.g. HMB calcium).

If you’re looking for a fat burner that works, we recommend doing more research as there are better options available.

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