Zantrex Black Review

Zantrex Black Review: Does it REALLY Work?

Here is our recently updated Zantrex Black review. In this review, we will see if Zantrex Black can help you with weight loss and appetite suppression as it claims, as well as how it compares to other weight loss pills on the market in terms of effectiveness and safety.

Here’s a brief summary to get the most important facts about the product for those in a hurry.


  • Multiple stimulants ensure a potent energy kick
  • May help suppress your appetite


  • Relies mostly on caffeine and stimulants to achieve its effects
  • Lack of other proven compounds like cayenne pepper extract and glucomannan
  • Unknown ingredient doses due to a proprietary blend
  • Potential negative side effects from too many stimulants

Zantrex Black Review at a Glance:

Zantrex Black is a pill that, in our opinion, works well for weight loss and energy, but it comes with a major downside: potential crashes and other side effects from so many caffeinated ingredients.

We would like to see other proven ingredients to target weight loss from multiple angles, not just by relying on caffeine.

Zantrex Black may give off off an illusion that it works while in reality, you can achieve similar effects for cheaper by buying a bottle of caffeine anhydrous pills. At least you will be able to see the exact dosage of caffeine you’re taking – unlike with Zantrex Black. For the price of $39.99 per bottle, there are safer and more reliable fat burners on the market today.

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About Zantrex Black

Zantrex Black is a diet pill designed to help you better control appetite, increase metabolism, and, ultimately, get you visible fat loss results.

Zantrex Black is only one of the fat burner supplements in the Zantrex line, the other three being Zantrex SkinnyStix, Zantrex Red, and Zantrex Blue.

Zantrex Black is claimed to be the most “extreme” of them all, producing fast-acting effects such as:

  • Hardcore energy
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Appetite reduction
  • Mood enhancement

What’s more, Zantrex Black has shared a clinical study on their website showing Zantrex Black helped the study volunteers lose an average of 11.2 lbs within 6 weeks of use.

The question is, does it really work as advertised? Does the independent evidence support the ingredients it uses? And does the evidence support the findings of the study that is featured on Zantrex’s website.

Our team finds out in the following sections.

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Zantrex Black Ingredient Analysis

Here is the product’s ingredient label as shown on the bottle:

Zantrex Black Ingredients Label & Information

In case that image didn’t load properly for you, here is a list of the ingredients in Zantrex Black:

  • Yerba Maté Leaf Extract – dose unknown
  • Guarana Seed Extract – dose unknown
  • Trimethylxanthine (caffeine) – dose unknown
  • Damiana Leaf Extract – dose unknown
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – dose unknown
  • Kola Seed Extract – dose unknown
  • Schizonepta Whole Plant Extract – dose unknown
  • Black Pepper Extract – dose unknown
  • Rhodiola Crenulata Extract – dose unknown
  • Asian Ginseng Extract – dose unknown
  • Maca Root Extract – dose unknown
  • Cacao Seed Extract – dose unknown
  • Black Tea Leaf Extract – dose unknown

The product doesn’t have too many “other ingredients,” which is great. The fillers themselves are also natural, with the likes of titanium dioxide and other potentially harmful compounds nowhere to be seen. Zantrex Black is a completely natural fat burner, so you don’t have to worry about putting something risky with this one.

In terms of the active ingredients themselves, some of them look good for weight loss & energy support, others not so much.

One thing you’ll notice, is that Zantrex Black doesn’t show you the ingredient doses. They are all in a proprietary blend. You can only see the total amount of the blend with all the ingredients combined.

One obvious issue with this is an inability to tell if you’re getting effective and safe amounts of ingredients.

However, before jumping to any conclusions, let’s take a closer look at Zantrex Black’s formula – inspecting each ingredient on its own to see if the evidence agrees with the claimed benefits.

Yerba Maté Leaf Extract – dose unknown

Yerba Maté is a popular drink in Latin America. It is traditionally prepared by boiling the leaves of the Ilex paraguariensis plant. The drink has been used for centuries to help with weight loss. However, there are conflicting reports on whether or not it has any real effect on fat loss. This is because most of Yerba Maté’s fat-burning effects come from caffeine; it’s possible that the herb itself doesn’t have any unique benefits uncommon to other ingredients in Zantrex Black.

Guarana Seed Extract – dose unknown

Here we have yet another source of caffeine. Guarana is a plant known to have high amounts of the stimulant, which can boost your energy levels and mental focus, depending on the dosage used. It is quite possible to over-serve Guarana, though, which can lead to anxiety, restlessness, and energy crashes to name a few.

Trimethylxanthine (caffeine) – dose unknown

Trimethylxanthine, or simply caffeine, needs to introduction. It is a compound found in coffee and most energy drinks today. We’ve already covered what caffeine can do for you above, but one thing you may wonder is; how effective it is for weight loss?

The answer is that caffeine is excellent for weight loss. Not only because it restricts your appetite (courtesy of elevated adrenaline), but it also increases thermogenesis, a process where your metabolism is burning more calories due to increased heat activity from caffeine.

Damiana Leaf Extract – dose unknown

Damiana is a plant that has been used for centuries as herbal medicine. It is native to the Americas and grows in the southwestern United States and Mexico. Damiana has been used as a mild stimulant, diuretic, muscle relaxant, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory.

When it comes to weight loss supplements, damiana is one of the ingredients you’ll commonly see. However, just because it’s common doesn’t mean it works! The current data doesn’t support its use as a fat burner or appetite suppressant. If we were making Zantrex Black, we’d include a better ingredient like Glucomannan instead.

Green Tea Leaf Extract – dose unknown

Green tea is one of our favorite ingredients for weight loss. It is a completely natural compound that stimulates your body to produce more endorphins, making your body burn more fat as fuel in the process. As a nice “side effect,” you also get increased energy levels.

You could argue that these effects are the consequence of caffeine in green tea (which we already get plenty of from other ingredients in Zantrex Black), and you wouldn’t be far off. However, green tea has one slight added benefit of containing catechins, antioxidants that have some fat-burning properties of their own.

Kola Seed Extract – dose unknown

Zantrex Black has really gone all out with caffeine – Kola Seed Extract is yet another rich source of the stimulant. Kola Seeds also contain theobromine, which is another stimulant that can help to suppress appetite.

A study conducted in the UK found that Kola Seed Extract helped to reduce weight and waist circumference in overweight adults who were not on a diet or exercise program. So in that sense, it’s an effective ingredient.

We just aren’t the fans of including so many caffeinated ingredients, especially since we can’t see their exact dosages.

Schizonepta Whole Plant Extract – dose unknown

Schizonepta is a natural ingredient found in the roots of a plant that’s native to the Amazon rainforest. It’s been used by indigenous people for centuries as a treatment for pain relief and fever reduction.

We’re yet to see if it works for weight loss, since there is a lack of human studies.

Black Pepper Extract – dose unknown

Black Pepper is an interesting ingredient. Most people wonder why something as simple as this kitchen spice is included in fat burners. And the answer is quite simple;

While black pepper extract doesn’t do much for weight loss, it is a highly effective absorption booster, making other ingredients more digestible and effective. Including the potentially aggressively-dosed caffeine!

Rhodiola Crenulata Extract – dose unknown

Rhodiola Crenulata is a herb from the same family as the better-researched Rhodiola Rosea They are both used for medicinal purposes, but there are some differences between them.

Rhodiola Crenulata is grown in the Arctic regions of Scandinavia, Russia, and North America. It is typically used as an adaptogen to help reduce stress levels and improve mental performance.

Rhodiola Rosea grows in colder regions of North America, Asia, and Europe. It has traditionally been used to improve physical endurance during long periods of physical activity or work. It can also be used to treat “fatigue” or depression.

Between the two, Rhodiola Rosea enjoys a lot more human evidence in terms of its benefits. We’re not sure why that one wasn’t included instead!

Asian Ginseng Extract – dose unknown

Asian ginseng is an ingredient with many benefits. Most notably, it is used for treatment of fatigue, lethargy, and low libido. Which is why you’ll more often see it in testosterone booster supplements than fat burners. Nevertheless, it is a good addition in Zantrex Black, due to its ability to enhance energy levels.

Maca Root Extract – dose unknown

Maca is best known for its effects on libido and sex drive. It works to increase sexual arousal, which is shown to indirectly improve performance. The best of all, it works in both men and women.

What many people don’t know, is that Maca also has adaptogenic effects. Meaning, it increases your body’s ability to fight off stress and illness. G

A good ingredient for general wellness then, even though better ingredients for fat loss specifically could’ve been included in its stead.

Cacao Seed Extract – dose unknown

Cacao is an excellent source of antioxidants, and guess what else… yes, it’s caffeine!

At this point, were confused as to why Zantrex Black has chosen to include so many sources of caffeine in the supplement. This is not increasing the benefits, it is just raising the risk of side effects.

Black Tea Leaf Extract – dose unknown

Black tea leaf is another stimulant source in Zantrex Black. Why is this the case, we can only guess. There is not much added benefit of including it when you already have green tea, which by itself is more effective for weight loss.

As we’ve warned, adding an additional source of caffeine can only increase the risk of side effects at this point; it won’t bring any extra benefits.

Our Commentary on Zantrex Black’s Formula

Zantrex Black’s manufacturers really weren’t kidding; this is one “extreme” formula. At least when it comes to how many caffeinated ingredients it has.

The concerning part is we can’t see the caffeine content of Zantrex Black. There is no official information on the label as to how much of the stimulants it contains.

Caffeine itself is a great fat burner, as we’ve already discussed. However, relying on caffeine alone is probably not the best way to make a fat burner. You’ll want to include more proven ingredients to target weight loss from other angles.

As a result, we can’t recommend Zantrex Black as a great weight loss formula. You can get similar effects from buying a cheap bottle of caffeine pills, and unlike with Zantrex Black, at least you’ll know the dosage you’re taking.

How to Use Zantrex Black (Directions)

Here are the dosage instructions for Zantrex Black:

Take 2 softgels with a full glass of water 15 minutes before your meal. You can take 1-2 capsules for an extra energy boost when needed. However, don’t exceed 6 softgels within a 24-hour period.

In our opinion, it’s also worth avoiding taking Zantrex Black within 5-6 hours of going to sleep, as the potentially aggressive dosage of stimulants can lead to insomnia.

Zantrex Black should be taken on an empty stomach. However, if you find it causes stomach upset when taken this way, you may also take it with food.

Side Effects

Zantrex Black side effects are possible due to unknown ingredient doses. The most concerning part of Zantrex Black is its proprietary blend, which doesn’t let us know how much caffeine and other stimulants it contains. As a result, side effects such as insomnia, restlessness, racing heart, and high blood pressure are possible.

This goes without saying but if you have a condition, be sure to speak with your doctor before using Zantrex Black.

Testimonials & Reviews

Zantrex Black reviews can be found at many places online, including on Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and other retailers.

Generally, the reviews of Zantrex Black look decent, with an average score of the product being around 4 out of 5 stars.

It is always good to check what other “users” had to say before purchasing a product, but keep in mind that these reviews can often be written by competitors or the manufacturers themselves as paid ads. As such, it’s worth taking them with a grain of salt.

Pricing, Availability, and Other Things to Consider

Zantrex Black costs $39.99 on its official website. The price can change depending on where you buy it.

As we’ve mentioned, Zantrex Black also sells on Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS. For example, you can get it for $35.99 if buying on CVS.


Zantrex Black is not the worst supplement we’ve seen, but it’s also far from the best.

The ingredients themselves look good for the most part, with the exception of some unproven and ineffective weight loss compounds.

It is the dosages that we are most concerned about. It has too many sources of caffeine and it doesn’t show how much of the stimulant it has exactly. This could make it problematic for people who’re caffeine sensitive.

Zantrex Black is also missing some core weight loss ingredients like cayenne pepper extract and Konjac Fiber, which would make it more potent at suppressing appetite.

For the price, better weight loss pills can be found on the market – without a doubt.

Here’s our final score of Zantrex Black by categories:

Fat Burning 3/5
Appetite Control3/5
Energy & Focus4/5
Ingredient Quality2/5
Zantrex Black: Ratings by Category

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