Zantrex Skinny Stix Review

Zantrex Skinny Stix Review: Does it ACTUALLY Work? (2021)


  • Vegetarian, lactose-free, no sugar alcohols
  • Blueberry is beneficial for memory and brain function
  • May boost your energy levels


  • Uses the synthetic sweetener Sucralose
  • Lack of important ingredients for weight loss
  • Proprietary blend is always a red flag
  • Potential side effects due to unknown caffeine dosage
  • Some ineffective and unproven ingredients
  • 99% of the proprietary blend could be the cheap filler ingredient – rice powder

Zantrex Skinny Stix Review at a Glance:

Zantrex Skinny Stix is a disappointing supplement. Although the marketing material and claims on their website sound enticing, the truth is that you’re unlikely to get a whole lot of benefits from this product. Aside from having an unknown dose of caffeine, and a bit of vitamin B3, most of Skinny Stix’s formula is a proprietary blend. In other words, you don’t know exactly what you’re paying for. Furthermore, Skinny Stix uses artificial sweeteners and lacks core ingredients for appetite suppression, energy levels, and other benefits it is supposed to deliver. Ingredients like Glucomannan, vitamin D, and green tea extract would make this formula a whole lot more effective in doing what it claims. For the price $29.99, we think there are better products out there as far as weight loss goes. For general health support, it can be a good option if you’re having a hard time eating all your fruits and veggies.

About Zantrex Skinny Stix

Zantrex Skinny Stix is a liquid fat loss product that tastes great and claims to offer an easy way to burn fat, boost your energy, and heighten focus.

Produced in the U.S., Skinny Stix contains 30 delicious packets per package. With only 5 calories per packet, Skinny Stix promises to help you with:

  • Appetite control
  • Mood Elevation
  • Increased Energy
  • Better fat burning
  • Improved stamina & focus

Skinny Stix is convenient way to burn fat, according to its manufacturers. But how will it work for you?

We inspect Skinny Stix’s formula in the sections below and tell you our part of the story.


  • Berry Fusion
  • Electric Lime
  • Variety Pack

In our experience, Skinny Stix tastes great. Even though it contains the controversial Sucralose, it doesn’t leave an artificial aftertaste in the mouth. All flavors were great, but if we had to pick one, it would be Electric Lime. We’ve found the taste to be rich and refreshing.

How to Use Zantrex Skinny Stix

Here are the dosage directions for Skinny Stix: simply sip one pack of Skinny Stix before your meals. Make sure not to consume it too late in the day in order to avoid insomnia. The product has an unknown dose of caffeine.

Skinny Stix Nutrition Facts

Here is the nutritional value of each Zantrex Skinny Stick packet:

  • 5 calories
  • 1g of carbs
  • 0g sugars
  • 6mg of Niacin (vitamin B3)

Zantrex Skinny Stix Ingredient Analysis

Here’s a look at Skinny Stix’s ingredient label:

Zantrex Skinny Stix Ingredients

In case that image doesn’t load properly, here’s a list of ingredients in Zantrex Skinny Stix:

  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) – 6mg
    • Proprietary Blend – 1024mg
    • Yerba Mate Extract
    • Guarana Extract
    • Coffee Bean Extract
    • Damiana Extract
    • Stevia Extract
    • Cacao Seed Extract
    • Rice Seed Powder
    • Cayenne Fruit Powder
    • Chlorella Powder
    • Grape Seed Extract
    • Blueberry Powder & Extract
    • Cranberry Powder
    • Sour Cherry Powder
    • Raspberry Powder
    • Plumb Powder
    • Strawberry Powder
    • Bilberry Powder & Extract
    • Grape Powder

At first look, Zantrex Skinny Stix contains some decent ingredients. Vitamin B3, Yerba Mate, and Cacao should help boost your energy levels, and other ingredients in the formula are rich in antioxidants that support your overall health. However, these ingredients will only be effective for you if they’re dosed properly.

As you already probably noticed, the majority of Skinny Stix’s ingredients are found in a “proprietary blend.” This blend shows you the dosage of its ingredients combined. However, it doesn’t tell you how much of each ingredient you’re getting.

This can be an issue as not knowing the ingredient doses makes us unable to assess them for effectiveness and safety.

So first impressions – not that great!

Let’s take a closer look at each ingredient in Skinny Stix to see if it can help you with energy, weight loss, and general health benefits like it claims.

  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) – This is an essential nutrient that helps to lower cholesterol levels, making it a great cardiovascular health ingredient. However, a potential side effect of Niacin supplementation is increased insulin resistance, which can ironically make it harder for you to lose weight.
  • Yerba Mate Extract – Yerba Mate is a popular South American drink that has a variety of antioxidants, along with some caffeine. Not knowing its dosage is problematic as we can’t assess its caffeine content. Too much, and it could lead to some serious issues!
  • Guarana Extract – Guarana is another source of caffeine in Zantrex Skinny Stix. If dosed properly, it should give you a boost in energy levels and mental clarity. This is thanks to caffeine’s amazing effect on the human Central Nervous System. However, too much of guarana, and it can cause jitters and energy crashes. There’s no way to know the dose as the manufacturer has hidden it in a proprietary blend.
  • Coffee Bean Extract – This is yet another source of caffeine. We’re starting to wonder, if this product stuffed with caffeine to give off an illusion that it works.
  • Damiana Extract – Damiana is thoguht to be a natural aphrodisiac and libido tonic. The problem is, there’s not much human evidence to confirm the rumors! Experts don’t know how safe Damiana is for long-term use, either.
  • Stevia Extract – Stevia is a natural sweetener. It is also good for your teeth and oral hygiene.
  • Cacao Seed Extract – Cacao Seed contains polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants that boost blood flow throughout your body. Resulting in a healthier looking skin.
  • Rice Seed Powder – Rice powder is merely a filler in Zantrex Berry Skinny Stix. It is unlikely to have any benefit at all. Most worringly, 99% of Zantrex Skinny Stix’s proprietary blend could be made of this cheap ingredient. There’s no way to know.
  • Cayenne Fruit Powder – Now, this is the first excellent fat burning ingredient in Skinny Stix. Cayenne Pepper is known to trigger thermogenesis in your body, making it burn more calories in order to regulate its core temperature. Cayenne Pepper’s optimal dosage is between 150-200mg per serving.
  • Chlorella Powder – Chlorella is generally known as healthy ingredient, but many people aren’t aware that it can cause severe long-term side effects. It is a heavy metal chelator, and an improper use can stir up and redistribute metals throughout your body – causing the negative side effects many people complain about. This is why it’s important to avoid chlorella unless otherwise instructed by a doctor qualified in dealing with heavy metal toxicity.
  • Grape Seed Extract – Grape Seed Extract is a rich source of vitamin E, which is great for your skin, nails, and hair among others.
  • Blueberry Powder – Blueberry is known as a “memory-boosting fruit,” thanks to its powerful antioxidants which protect your neurons.
  • Cranberry Powder – Cranberry is seen as a generally healthy fruit There’s not a whole lot to say about it in the weight loss department, though.
  • Sour Cherry Powder – Much like cranberry, sour cherry is a healthful fruit, but it probably won’t boost your energy or help to burn fat faster!
  • Raspberry Powder – Raspberry is another healthy fruit with good amount of nutrients like vitamin A. However, it is far from an effective weight loss aid.
  • Plumb Powder – Another general health ingredient that helps to nourish your body with beneficial nutrients.
  • Strawberry Powder – Not our favorite as far as energy boosting and weight loss goes. There are definitely better ingredients to be included in its stead, including Glucomannan fiber for appetite suppression.
  • Bilberry Powder & Extract – Bilberry is a decent general health ingredient, but much like with many others in the formula, that’s as good as it gets!
  • Grape Powder – Grape is a source of resveratrol. Although slim, some evidence shows that resveratrol is good for your heart.

Our Commentary on Zantrex Skinny Stix’s Formula

On the whole, Zantrex Skinny Stix doesn’t look like a promising weight loss formula. Apart from having an unknown dose of caffeine, we don’t think you will feel much from using this supplement.

The biggest and the most obvious issue with the product is the use of proprietary blend. Not knowing ingredinet doses makes it impossible to tell if they are effective, or safe. In the case of caffeine, this is concerning, as too much can lead to some pretty serious side effects.

Then there’s the issue of ineffective ingredients. Yes, many of these fruit extracts and powders will give your body some basic nutrients that you would otherwise get from whole foods, however, don’t expect any substantial effects from these ingredients.

Ingredients like green tea extract, Konjac Root Fiber, vitamin D, and chromium are nowhere to be found. And these ingredients are what the very best fat burning supplements use – to boost energy, wellness, and weight loss.

The bottom line is: if you’re just looking for a generally healthy (and tasty) drink, Zantrex Skinny Stix could be a good option for you. But if your main goal is to control cravings and burn unwanted weight faster, there are far better supplements available on the market today.

Side Effects

Is Zantrex Skinny Stix safe?

It’s difficult to tell what effects you’ll get from this product as the doses of its ingredients are hidden. Caffeine amount, in particular, is important to know in order to see if it is within safe and optimal ranges. Over 200mg of caffeine could lead to some serious side effects, including nausea and anxiety episodes – depending on your tolerance.

Testimonials & Reviews

Most of Zantrex Skinny Stix reviews come from their official website, where almost all reviews are perfect 5-stars. Obviously, it is easy for the manufacturer to moderate and delete reviews to their liking as it is their own website.

Pricing, Availability, and Other Things to Consider

Zantrex Skinny Stix costs $29.99 per 30 servings on the official website. The price can vary depending on which version of Skinny Stix you purchase, as well as if you buy it from other websites.


All things considered, Zantrex Skinny Stix is a bit of a disappointing supplement. Aside from some vitamin B3 and caffeine, there is nothing in Skinny Stix that can significantly contribute to your energy levels or fat loss. Although it contains some generally healthy fruits, you have to wonder whether it is worth the price tag. If you’re serious about getting results, we would do more research before buying this one.

Here’s our final score of Zantrex Skinny Stix by categories:

Fat Burning 2/5
Appetite Control2/5
Energy & Focus4/5
Ingredient Quality2/5
Zantrex Skinny Stix: Ratings by Category

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